Another Part of…

Well, I was thinking the other day, and i realised something very depressing. I dont think I’m ready for the working class life. I mean, waking up everyday and going to work, having to deal with some touchy boss, needing to work hard to get any cheddar…sigh.
It kinda runs me down. Sure school was a major bummer. But if i didnt want to go to class, dammit i wont go. And now. I dont know, maybe I AM too young for all this. Camp starts in about a week, and I’m actually looking forward to that wistful laziness. Its a sign huh?


One thought on “Another Part of…

  1. i know how you must feel, but at every point in life, there is always gonna be smthn to stress abt…first skool,cant wait to get out of that B*tch but when you do, you get another b*tch…work! and the gaddamn bosses…its just the freaking cycle of life.
    I am sure you r ready to take them all by storm…they dont know abt you yet..they will soon find out! lol! Show them your P joo!

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