It’s All About The Spirit, Right???

It’s almost Christmas. And Im immensely disappointed with the way this year ended. Not that it started out horribly great, but it seemed thigns were finally looking up after camp. A well paying job in a good location, many-a-things to buy, including a new phone (let’s not even go there), and an OTT Christmas decoration splash…
Needlesss to say, none of the above happened (sigh). I dont have a job …. yet. And i face possible NYSC extension, the HORROR, i’ve used up all my savings, my phone died for real, and i ended up with my old kind of phone… an 1100, which acquired its own problems, and oh yeah, so MUCH for the Christmas decks. Ah, I’m no llonger in the mood anyway.
My dad’s giving me grief cos Im still at home. Like its my fault. i guess it kinda is. I was trying to avoid the stress of reposting (some good that did me), so i stayed put waiting for Intercontinental to kick me in the face with MARKETING. Id rather jump off a bridge. But i’ve since learned that worrying is a waste of energy.
Que sera sera.
However, all this home time has given me time to do some things. I’ve started up this zodiac sign series…. really great, I like it alot. actually wanted to make a calendar ou of it, but i’ll never finish before the new year. I also have really put a lot of thought into making my art a PLC thing. You know, doing it for cash. But being the mad perfectionist i am when it comes to that aspect of my life, I have been unable to come up with a name for the “company”. Had a good one, but it turned up like 1million results on Google. I mean, why are ALL the good names taken? Dont want anything tacky. And until i come up with one, i wont finish up my biz card….or website…. which i designed by the way. And until i do THOSE, i wont really go public.
I have problems, right?
I’ve also taken up dancing. Laugh all you want, but since i can neither seem to get to a party or a club, I vent in front of the mirror to stuff like …. well, you know.
Im hoping NYSC doesnt completeky ruin my life by next week, and …welll,… yeah. Wish me luck.

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