Driving Me Crazy

Took my sister on an impromptu driving lesson on Sunday evening. I wanted to go pay for something somewhere in the estate, and she wanted to buy coffee. She wanted to reverse out of our compound. That was an experience.
Prior to that day, the only other driving lesson I’d seen my sis do was a miserable attempt late at night, and her sense of focus was so off that she drove the car onto a small sand hill in an attempt to get us into our gate. Anyway, she’s a real panic-wart on the wheel, and at one point was going so slowly I thought I would lose m mind. I eventually took over when she almost backed the car into a gutter.
It felt good to not be the novice anymore. Some of my friends seem to think that maybe I’m making up the story that I drive, not sure why. I admit, my parking skills still leave a lot to be desired, especially in between two cars, and I haven’t really driven for more than ten minutes before… but I’ve got the basics.
Monday morning, while having my bath to go on yet another fruitless journey to NYSC secretariat, my mum knocks on the door and tells me that my dad told me not to bother going. That the state coordinator is on some kind of leave and is especially not signing for re-posting issues. At that point, I just leaned against the wall, trying to get rid of the drowning feeling.
But after the initial helplessness, I got determined, and headed off to Zenith HQ to make sure the offer will be open for a little while longer. It was, so I headed off to NYSC, and was very unimpressed to find that my letter hadn’t even been typed. There was no light.
You have to hand it to the government.
The one room in the entire compound that needs light more than anything, and it has no gen. The dude there tried to make it like they weren’t TOTALLY incompetent, by saying that there WAS a gen, but it couldn’t carry the computer. Riiight. It can carry an AC, and not a computer??? I have a lot to say about this country’s attitude to things, but that’s for another day, too.
Sigh. I admit I woke up this morning more than a little worried. It’s almost Christmas, then there’ll be the break, and that tart of a woman called the state coordinator is being difficult.
It’s ironic, somewhat. Someone might think I didn’t have what it took. I have a bunch of places, I could have served, but I cant get in cos I have to follow PROTOCOL. Eeuurgh!!!!
There’s no-one to blame really… Except the lovely ole folks down at Intercontinental, for wasting SO much of my life…. But there’s no-one to blame. I head down there again tomorrow. Not sure why, but I have a little more faith that something will come through. Wish me luck.

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