Bricks and Sand

Wow, something did come through. And then didn’t. I went to the secretariat again on Wednesday, and on the way there, was overcome with this great optimism. It wasn’t hot, just cloudy or breezy, and I felt quite good. Even when I got there, saw a huge list of ready letters, and mine wasn’t there, I still felt good. I pleaded with some guy to help me check, and he actually forgot for almost an hour. I reminded him, and lo and behold, my letter had been typed!!! Just needed to be signed. It was literally unbelievable. The most progress I’d made in WEEKS. And to add frosting to the cake, at the time when people were being sent straight to schools, I got my place of choice. I was thrilled. The guy assured me that the SC would be around later to sign ‘em. So I went home, my mum smiling and obviously relieved.

My mum’s been over her head about the whole thing. Frankly, worried though I was, I knew there were quite a lot of people like me out there. Occasionally, she’d mumble about how maybe I should have just stayed at ICB, or something, but I’ve said this over and over again.

No regrets.

I’ve made some mistakes in my life, exercised some bad judgment, but everyone does, right? And since I tended to mull over bad experiences, I started this thing: No regrets. Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes over the long run, it might even be a GOOD reason. It’s taken me far this year. But that’s for another day.
All this good cheer and spirit crashed into a wall, however, come the next day. SC shows up round one, a bunch of expectant corpers, including myself, are absolutely CHUFFED. I knew something was wrong the instant I saw her dressed to the nines in traditional gear.

She’d gone for a party… Okay… Maybe the letters were in her car… No, nothing there… Okay, let’s ask her driver… He hasn’t a clue? Hmm, how about… Oh, she didn’t come with them… But why… She didn’t think she was coming… You know, the party… Working leave… So what the hell did she come here for…???

I was unimpressed. It was bloody Thursday. Tomorrow, the Crimbo leave would start. Then what? I was assured that she would come. Shock! She didn’t. Apparently, she went for some Carol crap, which we were all meant to go for apparently.

Talk about brick wall.

I got this far and then…

Anyway, after that disappointment, I went over to my secondary school BFF’s place in Lekki. Now, that place is a wasteland. Not her place. Lekki.My body was too tired for the trek that public transport couldn’t save me from, but somehow I made it.

Ejiro’s a darling; I’ve known her for 8 years and some now. Back in secondary school she was my “crazy” ally.

– Yeah, I know I’m not normal. Whatever. That’s why the closest people to me aren’t.
She just came back from Cardiff, where she’s studying Mechanical Engineering, for Christmas. And I wont see her again for another 2 years so I went to spend the night.

It was fun, we went out, and stayed up till 4 watching 10 new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. If you’re not watching that show, you’re a loser. Sorry


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