The Disaster Before Christmas

We went on some kind of family outing less my dad yesterday. Nowhere special. Just the Palms. That was sort of a disaster. It was supposed to be joint effort between me and my sister to take my mum out for her birthday. Thing is, her birthday was over 3 weeks ago, and I was very much against going to a public place during holiday season. But I know my sister had a private agenda to watch James Bond, and she suddenly popped it to me on Saturday evening that we were going. But my mum was hell bent on going after we made my dad breakfast and lunch (cos he’s just so non self-reliant like that), which was after we got back from church. Needless to say, we left late. I suppose 12 isn’t late, but, like, have you been to Agbara??? According to maps, it’s literally across the state from Lekki.

We jammed traffic after 15 minutes because of rams. I swear, I wasn’t thinking so highly of mallams this past week. They’ve literally blocked the major expressway so that they could unload the world’s largest contingent of rams. How many people are going to buy rams for the Muslim holiday anyway? Then my mum refused to put off her car through the whole 1-hour blockage cos she was worried it wont come on quick enough.

Oh yeah, there was fuel scarcity.

I’ve never seen that place’s parking lot so full. We got there too late to finish any movie in time, so we roamed, bought a lot of edibles and I did what I always do when I go there. Kind of a twist between self-torture and ambition: I went to PC Outlet.

Let me tell you a little story about a little HP laptop I got back in 200 level. I didn’t care too much for it at first, but then thanks to some friends, it got some games, some apps and LOTS of music, and it became rather interesting. Then I got into my whole graphics madness, and my laptop became my baby. Despite all the flaws it came to acquire, like a sort of dysfunctional CD-Rom, a sometimes sluggish processor, and the battery life from hell, I was at home with it, patient, enduring… then my uncle touched it after the power pack blew, and it was never the same, refusing to charge… what happened after the point was, well, painful. All I can say is, in my 400 level, during my project, it died for real. I was more depressed than anyone could know, but I was still in school so I could borrow other people’s own. But it wasn’t the same. I had wild, lovely themes, and wallpapers I created… music only I appreciated… And, after school, it’s become almost intolerable using that wretched desktop at home. My dad is rather old-fashioned, and won’t fancy half the things I’d do to it.

I go to PC Outlet to look for my ultimate new PC. It’ll be ages before I could buy myself one, but well. Large shiny screen to create my art, at least 80gigs for my maddening need to keep sentimental junk on it, a 1gig RAM to take the pressure, amongst other things. I’m not sad, am i?

Anyway, we left, my mum still refusing to let me drive.

Christmas was SO boring and uneventful; it’s not worth writing about. Unless you want to hear about how NEPA gave us ridiculous low current till about 1, then took it completely by 5. And even then, I still wont do it.

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