I never mentioned that I got my letter did i? I did. The day after Boxing Day. I also got an extension on my service. Just a month, and I later found out that it would be waved off. Yay. I immediately went to get it processed at the Zenith HQ, and met my sister at Silverbird, once again hoping to catch Casino Royale. Once again, it was too late. We ate a pointlessly expensive lunch, instead, and watched people move along in the holiday rush.

It was fascinating, really, most of the people were secondary school teens, dressed to the teeth, and standing around the place like they were waiting for something. All of them were fiddling with some phone or the other, and I couldn’t help feeling al little old. For a really silly reason. I thought, hmm, back in my day, we didn’t have cell-phones in school…

Back in my day.

Oh my God. It’s no good when you’re saying that. It gives the impression too many things have happened. Too many years have passed. I was just in secondary school 4½ years ago.

Anyway, I spent the night at our Anthony pad just cos I didn’t much feel like going home. I tried to browse, and my ipod won’t come on. The next day, a lizard jumped on my arm, and can I just say, I don’t think I’ve freaked out like that in years, if ever. I was screaming, and howling in this high-pitched voice, and jumping on the tips of my toes (classic Onyeka-freaking-out-major behaviour). It flew off, and my sister thought it would be a good idea to show me that its tail had come off. AND WAS STILL WRIGGLING. I turned and continue to freak out, facing the wall, considering as I couldn’t run out the door. I begged her to get rid of the tail, and finally calmed down, but I wasn’t normal till I left that place.
It’s been a week and my Ipod wont bloody come on. Just keeps making that irritating buzzing noise.

Went through a state of mild depression. For, well, you may think they’re odd reasons, but these things are close to my heart. Most importantly, my ipod (fondly pronounced i-p-o-d) has refused to come on. That’s a large database of greatly inspiring, work music out of my reach. It also means I can’t transfer my good stuff to the web. Or anywhere else for that matter. If i could at least get a flash. Ironically, my sister’s flash went missing the day same day it stopped working.
Also, I went through a period of creative self-doubt. Designer’s block. Unfortunately, I get those often. You know, consider it writer’s block for the graphic artist. This stemmed mostly from an inability to use my super cool graphics tablet properly… and an inability to come up with a really good idea for my blog. I also saw a pencil sketch someone did for a friend, and wondered if I had truly lost the ‘gift’ and was just scraping the bottom of the barrel.

Luckily though, after a super down-in-the-dumps moment this evening, I sat down, took a pen, a pic of me from camp (gasp!) and tried to draw myself. It wasn’t perfect. But it was quite good. And considering as I haven’t tried to draw anyone in years, I was very impressed. And inspired.

When the light came back, I got on the system, searched like hell for a tutorial I got ages ago, but couldn’t find. I found it. And I tried painting myself. It was good.

I also found out I had been dumped in Zenith Insurance, from Bisi, and after the first five minutes, the urge to slice my wrists passed, and I got over it. My dad however wasn’t impressed, and insisted that Insurance folks were … I cant even remember the word he used. But he took it upon himself to make sure that I got to the bank itself.

I don’t care. In fact, I like this better. Since it isn’t a bank, the hours may be less???

That isn’t wishful thinking is it?

One thought on “Dumps

  1. i’m glad the thot of slicing ur wrist passed after such a short time but how cud u think of that in the first place? i get the feelin u r some kinda
    ‘freak’.woteva. love ur blogs tho. keep ’em comin ai.

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