Lamentations I

Okay… first week of work done. I came to a mini-resolution this afternoon to not complain so much and look at the bright side of things.

But, my gosh, I have to right now.

I’m working in an insurance company. He-llllooo. I spent the first two days just moping. It’s thr first time that has ever happened to me in an office, and it was absolutely horrible. I was wearing this damned suit everyday, staring, hating my self a little, coming up with ideas for my “company”, and wondering how the hell I was gonna practice IT in this company.

The IT dept is more of an IT guy, in a tiny little room with lots of cables and switches and stuff. I was already warned that it was highly unlikely that I’d end up in that dept in any case. And I wasn’t.

I was put (dumped) in Technical. At first thought, it sounds ok, right? Wrong. Technical, puts me in General Insurance, and under that I was in Motor. Yes, that’s right. Motor insurance. It’s not so bad, I suppose. Certainly NOT the most challenging job in the world. Maybe it’s cos I haven’t learnt all the aspects. But so far, it seems the whole thing’s pretty basic.

You get a customer, you inspect the car, if it’s all good, you fill some form, type up a certificate, and some debit note or other, give it to them, get payment for the premium, create a policy and file up the whole enchilada. And that filing. I actually have my own stapler, perforator and stamp. That’s how much filing there is to be done. But it’s a pretty cool stapler. ^_^

Another good thing I guess, is the lack of pressure. No deadline, no stress. It don’t matter how much work you have left. At 6, the woman I’m working with tells me to pack up. I was trying to stay a little late to finish a bunch of files I was doing renewals for (bloody long job), and everyone was asking if I wasn’t leaving. And there’s the staff bus. Bless.

Dipo gives me a ride in the morning, so transport’s alright.

Still. I still felt a little nagging at the back of my brain, like I could be doing more. The IT guy also said so, so today, I abandoned NYSC, and went to the Zenith Heights. Nice building. Love the elevators


One thought on “Lamentations I

  1. seems like u r gon be stuck wiv filing ur whole life. oh, how i HATE having to do that. moter insurance don’t seem that bad to me tho’ except ofcourse the part where i get to use the stapler, perforator n what not

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