Lamentations II

New layout, whaddya think? Should have been up ages ago, but no flash. I’m already getting bored with it, and chances are it’ll be gone in a couple of weeks, but for now lemme know what you think. Drop me a comment.

You gotta love life. This week was more of a disturbing reality than the last. Work got a little more irritating, my sis proved to be more irritating, and my wardrobe became almost intolerably irritating.

Due to the fact that my job doesn’t really require me to be seated at my system 60% of the time, I cant say much about how regular my posts are gonna be. I did a LOT of filing. And filing, my good friends, if you’ve done it before, you know it could be a bitch. Especially when you’re in a growing company’s temporary site, and their filing cabinets are nothing to write home about. Files are very close together, and the bits with staple pins, often scratched my knuckles, and made them sore. To make things more difficult, I couldn’t find many of the files. I was forced to check other peoples’ tables. At the end of every filing session, some longer than others, stretching into hours, I was frustrated and immensely irritable.

I preferred typing out letters, cos it meant I got to be on a system (esp. the one in the server room with the internet …shhh). Apparently, internet access is a luxury cos we’re sharing with the head office, and is only reserved for the unit heads (grumble, grumble). God, that makes me unhappy. But I’ve found an ally in the other corper, and we talk and share complaints and aspirations. That’s always good right?

I’ve had the time to form concrete opinions about some people in there… but that’s for another day.

My dad came back to our Anthony shack this week. And our door jammed the night before he did. It’s a bit of a funny story. I was coming down with a cold, no thanks to my sister, who was sneezing and coughing like she didn’t know the damn thing was contagious. It ruined my entire week. Anyway, the bell rings for us to come pick up something from our dad, and my sister wasn’t able to open our room door. Frankly, I was only one foot out of a deepening sleep, and as I saw her battle with the loosening handle, my brain told me to say, “Be careful”. My body however wasn’t quick enough, and the handle came off. For the next 30 mins we poked and nudged, before the door opened.

And shock horror, the next morning she slammed it shut again.

To sum it all up, her laziness really ticked me off this week. She found poor excuses to not participate in the house cleaning, and by the time I left on Friday morning, I was so annoyed with her, I had little to say to her.

My I.P.O.D started working again this week! 😀 All thanks to Dipo… or actually Dipo’s car charger. The thing came on almost instantly; I almost shed tears of joy. Since the possibility of a new phone gets further away with each passing day, that tired little machine has helped me retain my sanity a little bit. It’s also the reason why you’re reading this post right now.

CD was CD. I got there so late, cos, I don’t know really. I wasn’t too impressed to get there, and find that everyone in my CD group had been waiting for me. I was made the leader for group B, (thanks to some twat) and I won’t lie, I shun leadership roles. I’m not a gifted public speaker, and I usually don’t have the patience to start shepherding ANYBODY. Luckily, we’re now a group of four. Sadly, the twat that got me in the mess in the first place was also part of it. He just joined cos he thought he’d get his card signed early. HA! HA! 😛

I honestly cant wait to end this torture.

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