What I Want

Another Friday, another update. I should be home by now, but noooo, i’m at some cafe in VI. My sis and i wanted to find something to eat but the food in that part of the world is LUDICROUS.

Anyhoo, i just got off alate interview with the infotech flks at Zenith, and it looks promising. I might soon be shifted to the Web Design Unit of the bank. No need to mention the PERKS there right?

But gosh, Those folks need to review their interview issues. I got there at a rather prompt 4.10 (totally blowing my chance to go the Celtel shop nearby and see if i could get the dude that had been fliring with me the last time i went there to help me get GPRS back) and wasnt seen till past 6.

Howver, i did have good company in the name of some Indian guy…or was he something else….i didnt feel it good taste to ask.

There was another misplaced corper too, who was miserably mumbling about why he just didnt stay where he was.

Oh yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me. See, even i forgot. The 23rd was a miserable day, many people forgot (YEAH IM TALKING TO YOU) and i had to spend it FILING.

I wasnt even paid in full. yes. for just missing 2 days of work i got a 20% deduction. There goes my budget.

Considering buying Transcorp shares. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “What I Want

  1. From someone who doesn’t know what ur perception about him is: I’m really happy that life is going great for u. but u dont keep me updated. it’s not like its ur fault but i understand. Just an advice, don’t make ur life seem so hopeless when u can confess positively. U are definitely doing great. just keep it up.

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