eah, so this post is reaching you from lil ole Anthony, the melting pot for inner city CRIME.

And for all y’all who think i COMPLAIN too much, bite me. I have an opinion of something, if it comes out like a whine, i can do nothing about THAT.

Anyway, as i was saying Anthony Village. Thursday night was a bit of an extravaganza. Apparently there was serious traffic and the sweet ole robbers decided to take advantage and ask for “dollars”. I kid you not. I missed most of it, but after seeing people running towards me, I decided it would be best to call the security guard at my place.

My folks are out of town, so I was basically home alone. Out of towm parents are sao overrated. It was a tad creepy, and i kept hearing THINGS.

My CD day was good though. I was actually meant to go to the secretariat after my clearance to get a new ID card, but the temptation of going out a-hanging with friends was greater. It was fun. We hopped from one store to the other, looking for a good Val’s gift for someone, and then we went off to find food. We were actually supposed to go see a movie, but something told me the way we were slacking would do us no good.

It didnt.

We spent almost an hour ordering food at Munchies, then changing our gear in the car cos their toilet was upsetting. Naturallyby the time we got to Silverbird the on e movie we wanted to watch had started. We spent another 15 minutes bickering about which movie we wanted to watch, then ended up just eating ( the food we wanted to sneak in…shhh) and talking. Ah well.

Home was… home. Because my sister cant drive, i had to leave my “PARENT-LESS ” house this evening.

Still havent bought my shares.

Stay tuned for my VALENTINE RANT. It’s good.

2 thoughts on “Swoosh

  1. someone is scared of staying home alon now!!! dont mind my sarcasm, i wish my mum will travel already! so what is showin in the cinema now and who did you go shoppin wit. feel left out, i so hate this yrs vals im too broke to even get something for kay. i feel so depressed ha well

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