Just Some Random Ramble

Well, I wasn’t gonna post anything. But ah what the heck.

Today started out quite BADLY. I overslept. Then after trudging very sluggishly and bleary-eyed towards the hot water tap, nothing would come out. Still booting, I turned it more and more…as if that would make a difference. After trying a couple more taps,one thing became apparent:
Needless to say the sleep left my eyes. Of all the solutions running through my mind, here were the loudest ones (for some reason):
1. Go to work without having your bath (if you put a lot of perfume on, no-one’d be the wiser, at least they’ll stay away from cos you smell too GOOD-or too choking)
2. Use the bottle of water by ur bed (which when u think about it, is just as bad as no.1)

But i decided to go meet the security instead, who was nice enough to put the water back on. After getting dressed, ON TIME (hell yeah for me), went ahead to dance in front of the mirror to Rhythm’s early morning jams.

The ride to work was an omen of things to come, we listened to the entire Corrine Bailey Rae album, which is nice, but not the thing to listen to at 6 am. Then, it can be a real snoozer. We got to work late.

Things just picked up from there. Ok, not really. But when half the guys in ur office (plus the mallam that sells sweets across the road) tell u ur looking good, well… Who am i to be anything but flattered?

Everyone’s going on about Val’s day plans. (*eye roll*) A guy in my office asked me to be his val. As far as i’m concerned,he’s kidding. And he shouldnt expect anything from me…

Bought my shares. Yay. I’m INVESTING. I feel old. I also felt a little sad when i let go of all that cash. Sigh.

2 thoughts on “Just Some Random Ramble

  1. well check my blog later for a new post. i hate to bust ur bubbles but if ou bought transcorp shares you shld know that there will be no dividends till 5 yrs later then you’ll get a mere 5% anythinh nigerian u ve to read the blue print girl

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