Monday Morning

Yeah so, I was at work early today… Cos i followed the staff bus, so, naturally, I wsa tired. Got to work at 6.30. It’s inhuman.
Anyway, quick Val’s update: It was dry. Ate cake that tadted like bread, and chocolate cake that was too “yawnli” (say that word very slowly and let ur tongue fly out at the end to get the effect) and chocolately to be enjoyable.
Came to a startling realization today: I hate my job. Ok, maybe it wasn’t so startling. But it was like a reload of emotion. I REALLY hate my job. It’s boring. And STUPID. I really can’t imagine why anyone would get up in the morning and decide to be an underwriter. It was a really bad day today. Strange, cos it started out all right, and it even ended all right.
But the person I’m working with. Totally intolerable power-hungry … She tends to blame me for everything cos someone was funny enough to put me under her. At the moment we’re looking for some important client’s file. Which is like totally weird cos, after I was done with it, I passed it on to the next person. Bu t just cos I happen to be of lesser (much more) importance than him; I’m getting the flack. I spent an hour this morning looking for it. In heels.
Then she gave me tons of filing jobs. Look, I’m not lazy. But I hate doing jobs I don’t like. And FILING has to be the crappiest job, like, EVER. You should see my right hand. Tiny scratches, and broken nails…. I exaggerate you not. Ok, maybe a smidge, but Ii HAVE broken nails!
She proceeded to just get on my case while I was trying to work upstairs. Said I should come down so that she could see what I was doing, and then she was just COMPLAINING AND ACOMPLAINING… I admit, I was VERY wired at that point, and it was all I could do to NOT sock her one/
Anyway, I got a call from HR. They said my ID card was ready. I was disappointed. I thought they were calling to say I was moving house. But first thing tomorrow, when I go to collect it, I’m back to IT to remind them that a misplaced corper is begging for freedom.
ANYWAY, last Friday was fun, as usual. My parents came back on Thursday night, and unfortunately, decided to spend the night with me. It wasn’t so bad I guess, but still.
Come Friday, I left my house early for CD, for the first time in YONKS. And guess what, couldn’t find a bus. The HUMANITY. I stood at the Anthony flyover for, like, EVER, and then crossed back, taking the WONG bus, to the wrong Oshodi bus stop. Walked fro ages, before finding a bus to Obalende. IT was all the HUGE buses, and I was like the third person to get in. I had to wait for it to fill, all the time wanting a car like I haven’t wanted one in my life. All this for naught, cos, by the time I paid for my bus to VI, my friend called to say she had written my name down, that I should head over to my girlfriend’s place instead. Grr. We made a decision not to miss our movie that day, and we left on time, enduring Friday afternoon island traffic, and SWELTERING heat to get to the movies right on time. However, the fact that we were exactly on time meant we couldn’t buy food from outside to sneak in…SHHH. But I wasn’t paying so I didn’t thoroughly care. We watched Night at the Musem, a film that was basically saved by Owen Wilson’ s and Steve Coogan’s characters…


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