The Printer Is Out To Get ME!!

Serious;y, it was the beginning of a very bad ending of a quite alright day.
It just kept jamming, EVERY TIME i tried tp print, and after this hahd happened twice, I began to feel very stupid. What’s worse was that, every one was acting like i was probably not very machine-friendly. Come on, I’ve been using computers since i was 5. Yeah, back in the good ole MS-DOS days, with the DOT-MATRIX contraptions they called printers. It was the insult more than anything else that got me wired.
I HATE being treated like I’m stupid. Not to sound malicious or anything, but there are a couple I talk to that I still harbour a small amount of resentment for, cos they somehow called me STUPID.
Luckily, after about 6 paper jams, the person I work with tried it (not before feeling pointlessly confident that i was incapable of placing papers in a printer), and it jammed. All of a sudden, the printer was no good, call the IT guy.
(*eye roll*)
We were working a slightly urgent job, and I dont know, maybe she was trying to channel her frustrations, she started getting touchy with me; most importantly, started acting like i was an absentminded airhead. I couldnt take it anymore, and proceeded to snap back at her power-hungry ass.
In the middle of her “teaching me something imprtant” a.k.a. teaching me something I already knew how to do (during which i was staring hard at the screen, but actually listening to nearby gossip), I remembered that mh HOD had given me some docs to copy. Ages ago. I bounced off and ran to do that. When i came back, the woman got all touchy and resentful again, saying she was “teaching me something important” and she hadnt finished, but now she has, and i wasnt there. I rolled my eyes at her BS.
But more than ever, I CANT wait to leave. Which reminds me, quick update, I finally went back to IT, or it actually came to me when i went to retrieve a new ID. The guy said he would check up on it, and then shock horror, this evening, the AGM, popped in and remembered me. I got to get out of here. Talk about severe job dissatisfaction.
My sister got robbed today. I know, it’s like, becoming chronic. Yesterday, a co-worker was attacked on her way to work. You see, when i worked close to home, i didnt even have to be UP before 7.45. Ah, but the joys of IT firms. Went to see her at her new job, she was a lot less upset than i thought. In fact she didnt seem to mind. My sister isnt much of a cash handler, her phone was dirt cheap, considering as her last 2 phones were stolen, and her brand new shoes were in her hands. The thieves were probably fooled by her huge bag. The only thing i know she’ll miss there is her extensive mak up collection. Go figure.
I have pimples. Lots of them.
I so dont know what’s up with my Google ads, man.


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