Careful, You Could Gouge An Eye Out With That!

Hello all, this heartfelt post is reaching you from Agbara, Centre of Nowhere. I didnt hit work all week. Yeah, had that surgery. For those of you that know me, i think that it was way overdue. I suppose i was just surprised with how quicky it came up though.
My dad told me last thursday that the opthamologist had called to tell him that the orbital implant was ready, and i told him we should do the op next week cos i hadnt officially applied for it, but come saturday was doing some DIY with my dad…. I know, what was I thinking right?
…. And water got into my eye trough my nose… IRRITATION galore.
SO cos of the burning they decided to just go ahead and do it on Tuesday. i wasnt impressed, esp when they said i might have to go 4 or so weeks with nothing in my eye but fleshy mush. šŸ™‚
But anyway, my friends were all pretty supposrtive, tanx. The ey’s mostly gone now, and after the swelling gos down, I’ll get an artificial one that’ll move ith the muscle. Cool huh.
But really i pried it open this morning…fleshy mush is it. But its a nice change after all these years to not feel a hard bump sticking out.
And yeah, duh, I obvioously will never c with it again. Not that i mind much, havent seen with in yonks. I admit driving s just that little bit difficult… šŸ™‚ Ive received a few insults for not seeing someone coming on my left side.
Im probably going to be home for a week more, gaining all the wiehgt back that i so painstakingly lost…sigh…


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