Quick HItter

Alrighty then, after 2 surprisingly boring, HOT weeks of being at home, chances are i may be ready for work this week. But i honestly dont feel like going. The Doc says my eye’s doing great, that he doesnt see why i chould still be at home. HOWEVER, i REFUSE to walk around with one closed eye. I had less questions asked when the thing was blue. Ish. He said i should get some thing for it till its ready for the prosthetic, but i dont know how i feel about it yet.
But i guess i do have to get out for clearance. Girl’s got to have her 8,500, dont u agree? I think I’ll just buy really sexy dark shades, if u’ve evr heard of such a thing.
Oh, I’m also REALLY excited, cos after thinking, brainstorming, stealing ideas and lying down upside down for about A YEAR, i have finally designed a personal website i really love! I just cnt wait to get down to CSS and html with that baby. I’d show you a pic, but… no flash.

Which brings me to another thing: The “Fund Onyeka’s new Phone/Mp3” fund. 🙂 Nuff said.

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