Would You Look at That…

SO! I’m back. I’lll probably be posting more often now that I’m getting back to work. Yeha. After 3 weeks of bumming about and not seeing civilisatin, that’s all going to change come Monday. I went to the Doc’s on Wed… Tues, and I got a prosthetic eye. It’s prety cool, looks almost like the other one, except that it’s not COMPLETELY the same colour, and since the eye hasnt completely healded, doesnt move too much either…. SO yeah, i’ll still a BIT of a freak. 🙂
Starting work on Monday cos i really CANT take it anymore. Home wasnt much fun cos NEPA’s been something else. I wake up, stewing in my own sweat, too tired to think straight…too angry to go back to sleep, every freaking day. Each night i keep looking for new and creative ways to sleep, one of them including lying in a tub of cold water for one hour around one in the morning, till my skin began to absorb it by osmosis, and my light source died.
I considered sleeping on the bare floor, but I have a mortal, almost paranoid fear of cockroaches… so no. It was sad really, just to avoid sleeping, id start harassing people, calling anyone that’d answer their phone…
Anyway, i digress. This might be a bum of a statement, but i’m chuffed I’m going to get a full months pay for one weeks work. There i said it.
Actually you know what, I’m tired.

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