//Currently really feeling: Beyonce – Red Light (BDay Track 8) & Fergie – Glamorous//
SO after a long while of poor updates… im back. I hope.
Before I go on, let me send a shout out to a few people who really made my week. Mrs Ejoor – thanks for the compliment! You don’t know how good it is to hear you’re enjoying my writing! I didn’t even know you were reading! Ogechi from Facebook – some really nice words u sent me! And Ronke – you’re a doll, thanks for Friday!
Well, I just acquired a flash (*church bells ringing, choristers singing in the background right about now*), so as you can imagine, I’m pepped up major. Means I can actually get back to work on a colleague’s website. Just hope I don’t have the block this weekend.
Resumed work Monday, I wasn’t looking forward to it, mainly cos the ohs and ahs, and the ‘are you alright’ from roughly 30-something people would drive me crazy. It actually didn’t, but it was amusing to see people going, “HOLY CRAP! YOU’RE BACK!” or something like that.
I was unpleasantly surprised to see that the chick I work with made absolutely no attempt to get ANY filing done the 3 weeks I was out. I almost shed tears when she – showing a little too much relief – dumped a roughly 4-inch stack of papers in my front. If I was … well… crazy, I would have jacked the woman and yelled, “ARE YOU MAD, WOMAN? IT’LL TAKE ME YEARS TO FILE THESE!!!!!” I kid you not. Our filing room would bring tears to your eyes too. I almost don’t blame her. Almost.
I had to pop to the hospital Tuesday for a checkup, so I didn’t go to work. Alas, it meant I had to hang around the Anthony pad, and MOPE. It wasn’t nice. There was nothing to distract my mind, not even a book. I got unnecessarily emotional.
Speaking of which, it’s struck me that I’m really an emotional person. For all the weird reasons. For anyone of you that watches CNN, watch out for the “Visit India” ad, where it ends with some elephant throwing water. Yup, that always chokes me up. Or the lovely UBS ad where they go, “…because business is global, we only operate in 2 locations: Everywhere… and right next to you”. I guess you could say, it was so good it drove me to tears. Just little ones now, I’m not that bad. Oh, and thinking of myself dying. Right now. I blame that on Grey’s anatomy. Long story.
I’m fighting a losing battle with cash, and my attempts to have a full salary to myself is fading away. I desperately need a new phone, my current one is ACTION-PACKED with issues. I really need to get more clients.
Odd question: Why do we stretch anyway?

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