Just So You Know

I’m loving this month. Aren’t you? I’m not going to pretend.I love skivving off work. Any opportunity to catch a few extra z’s, have my bath around lunchtime (don’t judge me, you do it too) and mope in front of the system is all good with me. ^^ There was yesterday’s hol, which i admit was quite unenjoyable, considering as i had to spend a better part of it trying (and failing) to fix my hair, chaffeuring my sister about, and deaing with the light. Or lack of it. And then there’s Easter. And elections…. Ok, I guess that ast one doesn’t count, but it’s nice to dream.
Ah well.
I actually updated my previous post, but blogger could just be really retarded, and published without saving 15 minutes worth of writing. (*eye roll*) No way I was going to write THAT again.
Got to thinking Saturday night, while i was talking to myself in the kitchen. Do not fear, I have talked to myself for YEARS. It’s not so much that i talk to myself, but i tend to represent myself in the third person, like I’m the character in a story, and I’m reading it out loud.
That doesn’t make it any better does it? Well, then, let’s blame it on my writer persona. When I was in Js1, my tarty senior bunkmate used to act like I was crazy, but i mean, come on, WE all know better right?
But i digress… I was thinking about when i was in primary school, and how ambitious i was. Kids generally are, aren’t they, innocent, unrealistic, NAIVE…sigh. My plans for the adult world, wwent from cute to downright world-changing. It started out with me wanting to be a surgeon so i could cut people open, then, a doctor, so I could cure the common cold and AIDS (gotta love it), then, I thought, what the heck, why cure terminal diseases when i can be president and cure everything???
I kid you not, you should have seen me, I had a speeech and everything. I was diligent, I was strogn willed, I was 8 years old. My big plans got killed by the following, reality and utter laziness.
I realised I really hated reading for school in ss1, around the smae time i decided, 7 years in medical school,was 7 years too much. And i also started watching ER. Nuff said.
Sometime in js3, the dream to become an actress was born, from a very SILLY reason. I had an obsessive crush on this guy in class, and FOR SOME REASON, i imagined we were in a movie together (MAJOR CRINGEWORTHY CONFESSION HERE), and from then, I started seeing myself in a lot of movies…
I had ultimate stage fright, and i wanted to be an actress. Go figure. Yet the dream, grew and grew and grew till it was all i could think about. Going to New York for my masters and getting discovered (sigh…). Then reality hit home again. This was in my 2nd year of Uni, (and not a second too soon). I had a nice bunch of friends, a renewed pasion in art, and a strange sense of patriotism that told me i won’t be as good anywhere else than in my motherland. Shock.
What was the point of that thought? Dunno. It’s called Confessions for a reason anyway.

FYI, filingis severely physical work. But on the upside, we got a new file cabinet! (Words I never thought I’d say) Oh, and I have FOUR new clients! And I got my hair done! And I looked really hot today!
See, no lamentations today. I AM capable.

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