Oh Baby

I want a baby.

As if. Actually, I just want to cuddle one. I don’t know what’s up with me these days… I think I’m just getting more in touch with my maternal side. Signs of old age. I told a fiend last night, and he was like, I thought you hated babies? I was aghast. I DON’T hate babies alright? It’s this common misconception, and people thus act like I said Bambi wasn’t adorable, or I think little children should be slaughtered for lying. (*eye roll*) One guy I knew acted like I wasn’t created properly cos I told him I didn’t fancy hanging around children. He-llo, we’re not all gift-wrapped with the motherly touch alright?
Anyway, I don’t hate kids. I just don’t like bratty kids, toddlers that can talk, and therefore, whine. Not my fault. I just don’t KNOW what to do with them when they DO THAT. It’s more of a disturbing feeling of helplessness than animosity. It upsets me a little when I see my friends just handle them like I fell asleep during the Childcare 101 class.
I also am not a fan of the gross side of baby-handling i.e. vomiting (esp dislike that, even in adults), spitting, diaper changing (WHY does it SMELL like THAT??!?!??) and the annoying side i.e. CRYIING. Immediately a child I’m holding begins to squeeze its face, I just hand it back. It’s nothing personal. Honest.
Other than which, I like kids. They’re mostly cute to look at and admirably naïve, with pullable cheeks and … and ….

Yeah, so anyway, I currently want one to cuddle. And noo, i dont want to hear any saucy comments like, “ooh, but you can EASILY get yours” or some other crap. Iknow I won’t find one. Just as well, let this odd feeling pass.

Turns out Suspiciously Friendly New Guy has become Oddly Cold Dude. To me, that is, cant understand what I could have done. Only thing I CAN think of is when I asked him on Thursday why he’s always in the office if he’s a marketer. He quietly replied, “Life insurance is not easy to market, so…”The rest I admit, I neither heard or really cared. If that’s the reason, then someone’s got ISSUEs….

I’m officially sick of this job. I spent the whole day filing. And by 4.30 I almost tore my hair out. I really can’t do this anymore.

P.s. Just what is the deal with my current Google ads?!??


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