Trying Thursday

I can’t believe I’m at work. It sucks. I heard an announcement that all banks had to work since they were an “essential” service. Frankly, when a friend called, and told me this, I simply said, “But i don’t work in a bank, i work in its SUBSIDIARY“. She called me a very rude name, and dropped. Then I in all my wondering glory, called my super. who said that YEAH there’s work. But she’s oming late, and dressed down. So i did. There’s practically no-one here. What a waste of energy.
I hope to leave early, join a couple of people to catch “Smoking Aces”. Saw 300 last night… sigh… and we got in dirt cheap too! The movie was sold out, been selling out all week. But B was nice enough to get there early and hold on to 3 for us.
Suspiciously Friendly New Guy, now A Tad Annoying Guy, decided to go on about everything on my person that didn’t look right with me this morning. The cad.


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