So, I’m REALLY frustrated. Hate my job (no news there), and my boss decided to go away for a week for soem exam or other, and as such we have to do HIS work, (which he wasnt doing much of ANYWAY) as well as ours. I’ve been under a tremendous amount of pressure, and really, there’s nothing more IRRITATING than being put under pressure to do a job you hate. There’s this new chick that’s probably sweet in her own little way, but is just a proverbial pain. She seems to think I hae time for no-one but HER. Cow. There’s another new one too who’s trying to learn from me, but her’s the thing: 1)I suck at teaching. Anything. 2) She just chooses the WORST times to ask questions.
Also, to cap it off, I lost my money sometime between monday and tuesday. IT was supposed to keep me till monday. and now… i don’t know. The other stuff is tfor my SHARES DAMMIT. :((
I’m upset. And hungry.

2 thoughts on “Moody.

  1. how give a hug when u inneed my poor baby huh,dont make me wanna cry,skyes.Hey stop being a drama queen and wake up this life aint fair or easy,u want sometin u gotta fight 4 it aiight,its a world of survival.

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