Well, I’ve been a little out of it lately. You know, stress, unbelievable fatigue and a severe bout of poverty can do that to a girl. But this week has been relatively good cos: 1.) Today’s pay-day! Hurray! Logging in to internet banking has never yielded such relieving results. 2.) My letter for re-deployment has been signed, sealed and delivered from HR. Woot!
The re-deployment couldn’t have come at a better time; when I was really beginning to become weary with the silent torture that is Underwriting. Since like, last week Wednesday, during those pressure point moments, I think my cord of tolerance snapped. Now, after just half a day’s work, my spark fizzles, and all I want to do is sleep. Yesterday was so bad, I was drowsy for about 4 hours. After the first hour, I went to SLEEP in the cool confines of the server room. I did THAT for an hour, but I still wasn’t good, I continued to walk around in a daze. Naturally, I got very little done. My GM’s announcement of my move to me was the eye-opener.
He’s still acting like it was a valiant act on his part (*eye roll*), but there really was no point in going there. He just had a parting line for me: “Don’t forget us here in Insurance, you will still be a part of us… PLEASE, do something about our website.”
If it hadn’t been the GM of a company, with a serious look on his face, the structure of that sentence would have been funny. Then again, considering how serious he was, it IS funny. I promised him to make a difference.
And I will. It was a very “avenge me” moment. 😛
Right now, I’m beat though. My other colleague fell ill, then the head went out, and I was left to man Motor for the day. On the upside, everyone appreciates how much I’m working. More than one person has said I should get a recommendation, and pretty much most people are saying I’ll definitely get retained. One manager even mentioned that “when” I get retained, I’ll probably be promoted straight.
It’s nice. But depressing. I hate this job, and won’t keep it if I was offered, and here everyone is saying great things. Sigh. I just hope I get this much great play when I move to I.T.
I’ve been anxious this week. Been anxious since Monday. I feel like something big is gonna happen. I thought the feeling would pass after the above 2 things happened. But I’m still feeling a little weird.
I’ve also once more gotten in touch with my designer’s side again. I believe this is after the patience cord snapped. On Saturday, I set to work on my colleague’s site, and I made more progress on it than I have in ages. I even felt inspired to work on it after work yesterday. Maybe it’s a sign of things to come.

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