More Changes

It’s been a while. I’m sorry. Issues have been abound. But not all bad, I must say. As i write now, I’m sitting in my new unit in the HQ. Yes, I’ve moved!
To the oh-so-fancy new building too. But i must say it’s oddly quiet here. Everything’s a lot less infrmal. But i don’t regret the move. I finally get to spend
all day working with my web. And FYI, its’s FRIGGIN’ COLD!!! I started developing a headache after a few hours, along with my goosebumps. I was amused at first when i saw a couple of ppl putting on these parka-like coats. “Exaggerators,” I thought. Not anymore.There really is not that much to do in my unit. But i always knew that, didn’t i? 🙂 However, my major disappointment is the abject LACK of eye-candy. I don’t know, maybe it’s cos I’m in I.T. (sorry for the stereotype, boys), but all the fine boys I used to see leaving this building sure as hell weren’t coming from THIS floor!Sigh. There’s time, it’s just my first day.Anyway, before I left insurance, their radio equipment, and something called a “PABS” blew, so we had no phone, no internet… incommunicado, hence the lack of posts. Also, my colleague fell ill, so I was once again alone to sufferin paperwork (since, as we ALL know, my former Unit head used to just “form activity”). Once again, too, people were just all OVER my “hard work”. Mostly the guys though, cos guys are just like that. However when one of the women (who I believed hated me) told one of them to give me a cash reward for tolerating his crap, the guy almost peed himself with vexation…I found out on Thursday afternoon bout my move, and when i told the folks down at Insurance, the response was a little surprising. Some acted like I’d been made Manager, others acted like I was moving to Hawaii. But one thing’s for sure, the bank is the place to be, and they all knew it.Other than which, yesterday, we had a little bit of a get-together at a friend’s house. It was cool, (despite the fact that we didnt end up going to the beach, or eating, or… well… you get the point) I saw some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. I miss my posse from school. Oh, and Ialso found out that apparently a lot of guys hated my clique i.e. me and two other girls back in school. I found that news both exhiliarating and fainty disturbing.
Exhiliaating cos, frankly, I think having haters is like having fans. In a weird, alternate reality kinda way. Think about it. There’s someone somewhere,
expending quite a bit of emotional energy whenever he sees me. But then, I know i’m a real darling (and i DARE you to think otherwise), and I find it odd
that someone would hate me. Maybe we just exuded an air of brilliance. And maybe one too many people had heard of the evil that I admit must have been spread when they happened to meet a certain someone of us. ;)Whatever though, I don’t care. School is sooo last year.I almost got killed as well, cos after our get-together, all the guys decided race off third mainland bridge. Obviously, our car got hit. Or actually hit
another racer. DIPO, yes, him. I never thought much of his care while driving, and I tell him DAILY. On the upside, he really scraped his bumper, and somehow messed up his license plate. It was eye-rolling all the way. I’m hungry. Getting food here is a little bit of work, cos you gotta go DOWN the stairs, out the backdoor, through the back door of another building, through corridrrs, out the front door, JUST to get to the main street?!?!? I then made the mistake of oing up to the 6th floor. Through the stairs. And if Ikeep this up in my heels, I’ll have thighs like a runner by the time NYSC’s over. THREE MONTHS YEAH!!!


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