Dreams & Stairs

So, I woke up this morning slightly chilled. One, because, I had falle asleep with BOTH the fan and the AC on, and i was losing the feeling in my legs. And two, cos I’d had a majorly disturbing dream. You probably won’t think it’s really disturbing. And I HAVE had dreams of a similar nature before, but none have been so long and so … real.

There I was, minding my own business, living in my old house…(mmm, my old house) and next thing i know, I’m pregnant. Funny thing is, it’s showing quite a bit, but according to my calculations, it’s 4 months gone. At first, it’s like, evryone knows about it, and I don’t really mind, cos DUH, it’s showing, but then, I suddenly get scared witless. We’re at this weird talk/seminar thing where Chris Okotie (wtf?!?!) is lecturing/preaching, then he passes round Rhapodies of Realities (ok….) and when we open it, we find phones inside. Free phones. I look up at him, and he smiles. And though grateful, I think the guy must be dishing out a lot of cash giving phones to his audience. Then, as a result of feeling sorry for my “condition”, he gives me this gift-pack of baby stuff. At least, that’s what it’s SUPPOSED to be. It contains an ironing-board, laundry basket, funny pink chiffon stuff….I’m scared to take it home cos my dad would see it. So I “hide” it in the living room (it’s a dream, ok?), while i get a visit from the “father”. Who is apparently a friend of mine. Because it’s just too weird, I’ll elaborate no further. He comes in with another friend, and I pull him away to talk. He’s happy to see me, and I’m like, “DUDE!!!! I’m pregnant!!!! HE-LLLO!!!”You know what he says to me? He says, “Yeah, is there a problem?’ I tell him I don’t want it. And I tell him why. For a while, I actually forget that I’ve finished school. I have a job, a career to build! And I don’t want to be a single mother! Without argument, he says he’ll keep the child when it’s born. I don’t want that either. I didn’t want it to be born at all. I leave him, and find myself seriously considering an abortion. I wake up at this point. it’s a bit summarised though. I dont know why it bugged me, maybe it was the concept or the person involved.On a good note, SOMEONE has finally reduced the airconditioning.

Went to work on May Day, just so that the person that asked me to come by one, won’t show up till 7. I had left 2 hours earlier. Who is she kidding?
One dude caught me attempting to chat yesterday. Ok, I have to complain. Yeah, yeah, chatting at work is “BAD”. WHATEVER. These gits are content enough that I have to check my Yahoo Mail on my phone. They block Messenger. Ok, no big. There are web messengers right? Wrong! They blocked ebuddy last week, but being the genius I am, found another, which I used on Tuesday. Come Wednesday, that was blocked too. What, is there someone just sitting around, Googling web messengers???!!!
But I mustn’t be ungrateful. I get to sit around all day, doing what I do best. And apparently I’m up for some training course. Oh hurray.

Yeah, and I finally figured away around the stairs. Since they only put bathrooms on the ground and 6th floor. And the one on the 6th is at the back, so you would look a little silly using the elevator in the front, then walking to the back. But the back staircase is giving me yams. So, yesterday afternoon, I noticed one of the cleaners entering some hidden elevator at the back. Yes, it’s true. It’s usually hidden by the staircase door. Go figure. I felt like I had found hidden treasure. I dont have to walk up stairs AND the elevator opens right in front of the lav! Hurray!

5 thoughts on “Dreams & Stairs

  1. This is Headdy from dA. That’s an interesting dream, and a good site design – frustrating having to wait on someone else, eh?

  2. Hi Onydchic, interesting post. Funny dream. I like your use of words … and how come I’m just finding out about this blog now? Anyway keep it up. Will be back to read more.

  3. hi i am leaving a comment. This is so cool. GOsh i am having so much funnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!

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