OMG! Everything’s Gone Dark!

New layout, hell yeah! I really loved it when i first designed it sometime Saturday esp the header, but the coding took me YEARS. I almost drove myself crazy with the little irritating bugs. And by this mornig, I had lost my thunder for it, and i swore i would put it up, no matter how off it looked. I fixed most things, but you may or may not notice a few organisational issues. Check back for updates. And because I’m just DUMB, i somehow managed to botch up the previous one so bad I cant use it anymore. Opinions pls.
Anyway, it’s the last day of my working week,so I figure I might as well give an update.
Yesterday was alright, but by the end of the day I found myself quite agitated… okay, upset. Someone had tried to accuse me of being a social failure (not in so many words, but that phrase just kept popping up and wont go away in my head). This is after he asked the usual question, “Do u have a bf yet?” and I told him I was really beginning to get a little… very sick of people acting like I’m an old maid. He then tried to act like I didn’t follow the “General Guidelines to a Social Life”.
Anyway, after that I started sinking into a darker mood, enhanced by the fact that I started flashing back (no, never do that) to some other comments people made. I felt really misunderstood. And impatient.
I don’t have a problem. I cant go off and make a desperate act just so people will get off my case. I don’t know why it’s bugging everyone so much. If it bugs YOU, please keep it to yourself. Or you’re in serious danger of a bad comment. 🙂
Other than that, there’s little activity here. Which is good cos I can research, practice, and get my new blog layout up.:D
Tomorrow’s CD. And me and a friend realised we hadn’t done our usual, Cd then hangout routine, and we missed it. So it’s Spiderman 3 tomorrow then. I’m not a horribly big fan, but I promised myself I’d watch all the blocbusters this summer. 2 months to the DEATHLY HALLOWS!

2 thoughts on “OMG! Everything’s Gone Dark!

  1. Nice design, I can see you’re like me, doing all sorts of experiments with ur blog. Mine to a weekend of grueling work and 3 hours of my site being offline before I finally finished the new interface. Anyway, never mind what people say, there will always be critics (You’ll learn that in Spiderman 3 lol) but don’t let anyone get to you… and keep on with ur social life.

  2. Ok Ony! enough is enough… u know in camp i couldn’t quite figure u out.

    i think i’v got your basic data now.

    as much as u want to be social, u also enjoy solitude…

    yes, if too many ppl make comments abt somethin, there is usu truth lurkin arnd somewhere.

    however, u shouldn’t take some irate guy’s comment as the end of the world. im sure if u look deeply the ppl makin comments don’t have the perfect social life themselves. but u know how ppl r they need to bring ppl down to make themselves feel better i.e like they don’t have issues themselves

    bottom line is any oppourtunity to go out and hang out with ppl …Take it!don’t make excuses, don’t be shy.

    guess im havin a party!

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