Pensive (And Totally Freaky Event)

So my new job is alright. But I’ve found I’m going to be held back creatively. A lot. Apparently my manager, for all SHE knows, is seriously unfamiliar with the term “stock photos”. They’re supposed to be used. All she can think of is if the person’s face is showing, then definitely, the bank will get sued. Like people give a toss.
Turns out a friend that works in another branch was given a commendation for apparently helping to catch a fraudster (whose picture I had put on the site on Thursday). Small world, huh? But her story got me thinking.
NYSC is almost over (I wasn’t even this relieved when we were about to graduate, and that’s saying something). Every corper I know is counting down to the ending of July. Which I suppose is jumping the gun, especially for me, who got an extra month’s extension for re-posting late. I’m still hoping it’ll be waived. But anyway, it’s almost over, and the future’s glaring more than ever.
Unfortunately, because I just started working in this new department, I have a long way to go in re-gaining the adoration I had gathered in Insurance. And I realize if I intend to hang around there, I’ve got to do it fast. But the question is, ‘do I WANT to stay here?’ Sure, I’m in IT, sure I’m in Web, but I still feel to hang on here will be a sort of a betrayal of my career path. Even if it’s for a little while. But I could use the opportunity to train myself better, what with all the free time I KNOW I’m going to have on my hands.
Whatever happens I think it’s best to start weighing my options, looking for other places to apply to. I know at the end of the day, I would have to go solo. So far, no-one’s giving me that opportunity to be free creatively. They all want to weigh me down with their close-minded views. A fact that makes me believe I’m too far ahead of some of these people.
And Masters? Let’s not even go there. I have no idea what I want to study, so I guess it’s just as well its not very forthcoming. But I’m angling towards art school. If you’re free, check out this site: My mates are doing stuff like that, in SCHOOL. What am I waiting for?

Totally freaky thing happened on Thursday. I had to take transport to work, cos my ride was absent. Immediately I got there (rather early too), I popped into the toilet to doll up, and my mum calls, asking about how I was and what not. Then she asks bout my sister, and tells me to call her and find out how she was. Apparently she’d had a dream that morning, something ionvolving my sister and a bus. I waved my mum off, anf forgot to call my sister.
Until she showed up around two. I was shocked, and it showed, the girl never visits. Immediately I saw her, she told she had entered “one chance”. Yes, it’s true. Bringing my sister’s encounter with robbery this year to 3. Luckily she had no cash, a pitiful phone, and the thieves were too foolish to realize her jewelery was expensive, and there was anoyhrt person there who had more stuff to steal. Hmm. Lagos. My mum almost lost her mind when she found out. Who knew.

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