Spider-Man 3

So, I finally saw Spider-Man 3. I didn’t get my hopes up before I watched it, so I wouldn’t get disappointed. Good idea on my part. I’ve never seen the hype around the Spiderman movies. I wasn’t all too chuffed about Tobey Maguire, or him in skin tight lycra, or Kirsten Dunst, now we’re on it; I feel they could have gotten better actors for the part. In a nutshell though, the film got a little long-winded, I HATED the unnecessarily soppy ending(s?!), it BROKE MY HEART that the only fine boy in the movie died, and what happened to the Gwen Stacy character all of sudden??? We just never saw her again! And Peter Parker “bad”??? Bad, bad move. His “bad boy” hairstyle made him look, according to the friend that watched it with me, “like all those French guys that are trying to look American”. Then, later, we all agreed he looked more like some “goth pervert”. 🙂
And as for Tobey Maguire dancing? No. Just no.
At least they were realistic enough to show some women looking at him in disgust. Sorry.
Harry, whatever his real name is, is soooo fine. I never noticed before, but when he lost his memory and was all smiley, we were like, wow. So you can imagine OUR disappointment when HE hit the bucket. Mary Jane. Can someone say, “High maintenance”? She’s living proof that women are difficult.
I do however, have to give credit where credit is due. The effects were beautiful. And the fight scenes managed to be long without being boring. And they didn’t look too fake either. Other than which though, I won’t trip over myself to watch it again. It was nice, well done, an alright attempt. But please, no more.


2 thoughts on “Spider-Man 3

  1. thought I was the only one who hated the movie? I’d been following the news eagerly, especially on Wikipedia where the picture of Spiderman punching Sandman made me drool. In the film, it was so, so anticlimactic.

    Tobey McGuire dancing? Kirsten Dunst singing like she’s stone-deaf and wondering why she got dropped? And why is Mary-Jane always saved by Spiderman at the end of every film?

    I think Spiderman 3 jumped the shark. I’m lucky I downloaded — not bought — it.

  2. Ah, then you’re lucky. Not only did i PAY to watch it, i paid for someone else! Anticlimatic was IT.

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