Blah Blah Blah

So, it’s been a bit. Actually, it’s just been 3 days. I’ve been neither here nor there this week. But as you may have noticed… few changes on the site. I realised i’ve got too many lines going on… that will be fixed. Eventually. Or never. I don’t know.
See what I mean?
I got to work on Monday to realise that we had training. That morning. The mail had been sent Friday, but I hadn’t been there. Sigh. At first my boss didn’t want me to go, considering as it wasn’t official, but I decided to. Wasn’t bad. Learnt a lot about the IT dept (and there is A LOT to learn), and there was free food. Yo know how Nigerians just LOVE free food. I consider myself an exception, however. It’s not a do-or-die for me to eat at an event. Besides the food was rubbish. They went to a fast food place and decided to order the driest, skinniest chicken they could find. And it couldn’t be a price thing, we were only 6.
But I digress. I wasnt meant to be present for the next day, cos it didn’t involve my line of work, but apparently, according to the guy who took it upon himself to organise it (nice chap), ‘no knowledge is lost’. Right. Didn’t make feel any better, the first lesson was DULL. I fought sleep for one full hour. The rest of the day was half-waste, half-fun cos the remaining people didnt show so we gisted about life and endured the food again.
I couldnt do it today. I just couldnt. I’ll resume next week. Cos I actually feel guilty.
I keep meaning to drop by Insurance, but its FAR. And outside is HOT. Right now, it’s so cold my skin looks 40 years older…Also it’s the attack of the MOTHS. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!!!!
Working on that website. apparently, no-one’s in the mood to change it, but i can’t take it. It’s almost embarassing that we’re here, and that site loks like that. It was apparently designed by a complete AMATEUR. Must I do everything around here?
I did some baggage-dropping today. Something I’ve been weighing around in my head for ages. You ever had a great temptation? You know, of the “Good/Bad battle” proportion? Yeah. Good won. Hurray for me.
CD tomorrow. Whooopee.

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