Let Me Tell You A Story

I’ve been thinking. I need to write. A book. I have my journals, the blog and what not. But I think I need an excuse to write for an extended period of time about something that really gets me moving. Not sure what that is, though. When I was younger, I was always writing. I loved reading, so I challenged myself to writing too. It didn’t help that I’ve had a PC since, like, forever. Even though, way back when all I had was the Ms-Dos program, Word Processor (they were keeping it real back then), and the only command I knew how to use was Save (F12 or something). I wrote about Boarding Schools (even though i had never been in one, I was 6 for goodness sake; I blame Malory Towers), young girls that ran away from home because their mother didn’t let her wear a miniskirt (in my defence, I was 10), and my most honoured one, about a girl from the village that had some weird adventures in the city, aptly called “Nneka and Her Misadventures in Lagos” ;D. I got the highest score for it in Literature AND it was put in the school library. All that before JS2.
My problem was continuity. I have only ever finished 2 stories. The last 2 I mentioned. If I had writer’s block, the book was doomed. The longest I ever wrote was one that had so many names, I won’t bother. In brief, it was about a psychologically unstable boy who freaked out when people yelled at him, that was kidnapped at a young age by 2 evil British(?!) women and when he was 18 was made to kidnap a childhood friend who was about to be married off to some rich dude. Twisted I know. I modelled the childhood friend after Kate Winslet in Titanic, cos, I just really liked her hair color. The book, got so long, got so ridiculous, had a thousand loopholes, and predictably, never finished. I gave up completely on it after about 3 or 4 years in 100 level. It’s a shame, a family friend was ready to publish.
I spent the next 3 years channeling my writing needs into a diary so controversial, and potentially disturbing… well. You know. But I want to write again. Don’t know what about. I want to write soemthing light, upbeat, and humorous. As if I don’t have enough self-inflicted projects.

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