Like Sand Thru The Hourglass…

Woke up Saturday morning, after having a series of dreams (all thanks to PHCN, that woke me up on interval); fortunately or unfortunately I can’t remember any of them, except that they involved me at a traditional wedding in my dad’s village (not sure if it was mine though), me getting an award for… something, and the next generation of Hip Hop legends coming from a middle-aged, old-fashioned set of men from dad’s same village.

I logged into Yahoo, for the first time in weeks, and i figure it’s just as well there’s no more space limit. A lot of guys from hi5 have resorted to figuring out my email address and mailing me unnecessarily. A few have even met me on messenger. One of them even got emotional on me when i asked how the hell he came across my user name, and left. It was so childish, I wish I had saved the conversation. I’ve also been receiving a bunch from all thse Yahoo boys.

Sunday didn’t go so good, apparently I’m in the middle of some bad blood with a close friend. However, I refuse to feel guilty or even feel like I’m to blame, because the honest truth is. I’m not. Let me throw this out there: Let’s say, someone you’re close to has say, a problem. Not really a huge problem, but on occasion it upsets other people that are close to this person, and they come, and pour their heart out to you, and ask you to help. What do you do? Really?Well, I personally do nothing, I admit, because it is not the first time I have heard this, and it’s not like I haven’t tried before. e.g:
Friend A: Friend B’s problem has begun to bug me.
Me: Oh?
Friend A: Friend B did this… did that…
Me: Oh, I know, I saw it.
Friend A: You see? Is that right?
Me: I admit it’s not.

You know, something like that. Then in an upsetting turn of events, this person that has come to you for help, probably to buttress a point, tells the friend in question, that they spoke to you. This friend turns on you, and more or less accuses you of betrayal. That you should have defended their honour or whatever. I can’t say exactly what the person said, but according to my sis, it was a bit “Days of Our Lives”.

So I ask, just for formalities. How do you defend the obvious? Are you supposed to lie to another friend, who knows the truth anyway? Or what? The whole thing was a little OTT, if you ask me. If someone is trying to advice (advise?!) you about something, I think the bigger thing to do is, reflect upon it, examine yourself, instead of looking for whom to blame, or more annoyingly, playing the victim.

Personally, I’m a little tired of being the nice one. I usually let offences slide, because I’m just weird and patient like that. Yet, for some reason, it’s OKAY to get angry at me. It’s ridiculous. And it ends today.

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