Let’s Stay Together

So, apparently, I’m still the bad guy in the little he said-she said tiff I mentioned on Monday. The friend has refused to call me back. Not that I’ve been trying. I take this to mean we’re not talking then, because I’m a “betrayer”. Right. I admit I’m being the proud one, but dammit I deserve it. So far, in my group of friends, I have 2 people on my side. Kinda.
Hate to say it, but I feel really proud of myself that I’m not really at fault. It makes me feel less silly about “not talking”.

I find this situation vaguely reminiscent of Secondary School, when I stopped talking to a classmate for about… a whole school year, i think, because of a really, REALLY STUPID reason. She made a joke about me and a guy, but I wasn’t amused, and she got angry, and said something I can’t remember. And that was it. One of her parting shots was…”in fact, give me my mags back”, and the best I could do was, “Yeah? Well, give me my stuff back too!”. Tres mature.
We started talking again in SS3, on some random day during lunch break. It would have ended sooner if not for the pride thing, I guess. And it was quite embarassing making up in front of everyone.

One of my friends threatened that she would be forced to play “Mum”, and get us to sort things out during a conference call or something. I’m willing, but I doubt she will.
I’ve got bigger issues on my mind, man. I had a prospective client for a website, but he was SO ambitious with his requests that I couldn’t do it. It was NOT a one-man job. In anyway. I would probably spend a year at it. I had another one, but he OBVIOUSLY wasn’t serious about it, and well, neither was I.

Still trying to design my business card. I’ve decided to give myself a deadline. Six p.m today, I must have come up with a logo and a name. I already have a name, but I’m still confused. Still on that quest for perfection, me.

My sister just bought a new laptop (AND ipod, i HATE her), so me, being the nice sister I am, decided to go back to Insurance to get the docs from my old hard disk which was with someone there. It was a bitof an event. Everyone was so warm, so adoring. On my way out, Life Guy (remember him? Suspiciously-friendly-new guy?) followed me, and without even the slightest bashfulness, said he LIKED me. Maybe because he was so to-the-point, the alarm bells didn’t go off in my head. Or maybe it’s cos I already knew. He started telling me why. Said he liked my composure, and the way I handled situations (bless), and so on… Alas, all I could do was smile, and nod, and say “okkk”. I wanted to tell him I wasn’t surprised, but it seemed silly. He then said we should hang out sometime, and I nodded, before leaving. Hmmm. Yet another one for the list. He’s not half-bad, but … no. I know, he’s a subtle man-whore (yes, i SAID it).
My new boss, some funny guy, said he was going to try and hook me up with every good guy he knew in that bank. Oh dear. I don’t know why marriage is on everyone’s mind.

Speaking of which, a former classmate pulled me to a wedding going on in my estate. We didn’t know them, but the grom was quite good-looking (event though he looked 40) and we all wanted to see the bride who people couldn’t stop describing as, well, “disturbingly unattractive”. To put it lightly. I didn’t. Instead both of us got dragged (as young, single, gorgeous babes that we are) to dance along on her train, cos they thought it would be intelligent to do the traditional marriage DURING the reception. Talk about AWKWARD. We were both smiling stiffly, our bodies tensely moving left to right as we plotted our escape from the embarassment.
Ah, life.


One thought on “Let’s Stay Together

  1. The Wesrterners are very ignorant of what goes on here. We just have to educate them on Africa and Africans.

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