I made the mistake of Googling “Nigeria”, in my attempt to find some dude’s blog. I was ASHAMED to see the results. Most, no all the results were from other nationalities complaining about Nigerians, how they’re drug lords, or scam artists, and some said Nigerian students should just be banned from some countries for a few years.
It’s sad that we can’t use all the intelligence and effort to do something useful. Everyone’s so greedy, so cunning. People that can afford it, fly out all the time, see the order and civilty that’s going on elsewhere, and choose to come back and do nothing about it.
I mean, our Vice-President actually got on a plane cos he SPRAINED his knee. He never made any effort to boost the medical care in his own homeland, did he? Everyone in politics is falling over themselves, shooting themselves in the back, literally killin themselves so they can get a cushy post and assign themselves tons of money. Money they would use to send their children AROAD, as opposed to fixing things up. The wealthy ones simply go and situate themselves in the fanciest parts of the country and stay there.
I won’t act like it hasn’t bothered me.
I know someone, who has lived all his life on the island, and one day, had reason to see a really sad part of Lagos. What tripped me was his surprise. Here’s a dude, early twenties, who’s actually spent so much time living in a presentable area, he didn’t KNOW people lived like that a good 30 mins away from him.
I live at Agbara. Which means, if i was going home from work, I would move gradually from one of the finer parts of Lagos to a quite literally forgotten part of that same state. It’s ridiculous. It irritates me going from Ikoyi to Obalende or vise versa, cos the contrast is astounding. Obalende is HORRIBLE. There’s actually a canal filled with rubbish. WTF, people? But it doesn’t matter, because a few minutes away, are outrageuosly priced, lavish apartments with no view of the poverty for the rich and ostentatious.
It probably goes on in other countries. But that doesn’t make it any better.
This country in some ways, is going to the dogs. We have a lot of patriots in our generation, but until the current hoard of old-man, godfather politicians and socialites just DIE away, I think we’re screwed.

Another thing that has peeved me for years, ever since I was a kid, was how IGNORANT Western people are of Africans in general. It was once so bad, I considered forming an organisation when I was older devoted solely to educating people that we DO in fact live in houses, DRIVE on roads, and wear jeans. In this day and age, in this time of WWW, and global villages,, people still don’t know any better. It’s a stereotype that has outlived itself. It’s safe to say we are the most misunderstood lot in the world. And it’s time something’s done about it.

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