Pirates of The Carribean 3 Review

So, in my quest to watch every block buster this year, I present my review for PoC3. I’m not a critic, so I’m not going to lay the film down bit by bit, but in advance, THERE WILL BE SPOILERS.

So, I was pretty excited, but not too much, considering how i was a teensy bit disappointed by Part 2. It was pretty good, a bit more comedy, a few more odd bits and bobs, what with EVERYONE having an agenda in this instalment. I kinda hoped Will would just FORGET about his soggy father, but well, c’est la vie. There were some awesome sequences too, like the whirlpool fight scene, the whole Black Pearl being carried by white crabs and the slow motion cinematography surrounding Will and Elizabeth’s “wedding” and Beckett’s almost noble death. Oh, and the UP IS DOWN bit where the boat turn over? Lovely.

HOWEVER, I had a HUGE problem with the ending. I mean, what’s with the crappy sequel endings?????? First of all, James died. I was like NOOOOOOOO. I liked him!!!! He didn’t die too well either! Then, Will dying. Just like 15 minutes after they got hitched. I was vexed. I don’t care that he became the new Dutchman captain. In fact, that’s what pissed me off more! He only gets to see Elizabeth for one day every TEN YEARS. Seeing her just standing on some random shore, watching him disappear pulled at my heartstrings.

Then, Jack lost his ship?? And Barbosa got it? What??? Half the cast died, and the rest didn’t quite have a happy ending. It was very unsatisfactory I must say.

FINE BOY :))))
I must admit, seeing Orlando Bloom (FINE BOY) turn around in his new Dutchman captain’s gear was rather hot. And up till that ending, I was quite amused.Seeing Jack talk to his many selves, and the Pirate Lords’ Meeting was a cute touch.

I’d give it a 7/10. It was well done, nice sequence, a bit complicated in storyline but great. A good return from the 2nd one. I’d see it again too, but not soon, let me get over my misery.

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