Just So You Know #2

Yeah, so back from the long weekend, which didn’t really feel like a long weekend, cos I made the mistake of showing up at work on Monday. I probably should have taken the hint when we got to V.I. in 20 minutes. On a Monday morning. I also should have turned round when I saw too many people in suits standing outside the office. On a Monday morning. But I didn’t. I wasn’t happy. I spent four hours there, just browsing and working on my latest work, “Snow White Gets Even”.
At first I called it Goth Chic, cos she has long black hair and blood red lips, and a complexion to rival MJ’s, but I decided to make it less creepy. Instead, it will be Snow White holding a glowing glass jar with the wicked Queen witch in it. 🙂
But yesterday was cool, popped over to a friend’s, we went to watch “Fracture”, which I admit I mostly campaigned because it had Ryan Gosling… Sigh… He’s cute. Speakign of cute guys, I had reason to browse the “Last King of Scotland”, and found myself truly “aweing” over the Scottish guy. Excpet for the fact that he’s, you know, Scottish.
Moving on from my pervy adoration, life’s dry. Oh, BTW, my friend and I have resolved our differences. Thank God for that, it was getting too weird. It took a really long phone call, and quite a bit of my cash, but it’s all good. I’m looking forward to my school’s graduation on Sunday. I get to see my crew, AND i get to stroll into Babcock wearing a combo of things I never wore the four years my feet on that red soil. And look cool and self-important doing it too!

2 thoughts on “Just So You Know #2

  1. Fine!!!spiderman was kind of shitty! are u happy now!!by the way, i dont disagree with james mcavoy being hot, its just that u may not notice until u look twice, notice the supple red lipsAnd when he smiles….. that is the money shot. Of course eliminating (though it sorta adds to the disheveled thing he has ) there apart from that he’s good to go

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