Naija Bloggers

Yeah, I came across this today. It’s a nice idea, even though think it’s that a big a deal that Nigerians are blogging. It’s just a relief to see that we are embracing the world wide web a bit, even if most of these bloggers are NOT in the country, and thus don’t really reflect the popularity of blogging in Nigeria (which isn’t much). Most of my friends like to believe I’m wasting my time with my blog (oh the inhumanity!) Cos the honest truth is, most of us aren’t that exposed to constant Internet at home. I browse from my office for goodness’ sake (yeah, I got a LOT of time on my hands).
Of course, that isn’t to say that I won’t submit my entry too! I’m trying to get out there into the “Blogosphere” a bit. You know, visit people, let them visit me. Another bitter truth I’ve realised is that only fellow bloggers would understand my need to share.

One thought on “Naija Bloggers

  1. I’d like to think persistence pays off in blogging. True, the majority of bloggers are outside these shores but gradually the web will reach the majority of Nigerians.
    Apart from a column I write for the Guardian weekly, general interest stories are taken off my blog now. There is hope, even for home-based blogs.

    Thank you for stopping by, hope to see your submissions for the anthology soon.

    ps I like your blog. Refused to read the Pirates III review (haven’t seen it yet), hated Toy McGuire but liked the movie Spidey 3. Well done. Yeah, “Fracture” was nice too, dodgy ending though.

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