Hot Waves, Hot Food, Hot Sauce

Yeah, so I wanted to write a nice, long entry about the Lagos Public Transport system, but I’ve decided to do that later.

I had a cool weekend. At least, it was a nice change of pace from my usual “home-on-Friday, sleep-sleep-sleep, work on Monday” routine.

I went for my “alma mater”, Babcock University’s 5th Graduation yesterday. Yes, it was on a Sunday, because of the whole 7-Day Adventist thing. To be really honest, we didn’t really have an intelligent reason to go, and on the way to Shagamu, while waiting for Mr Biggs to open (SOME of us were hungry, and Mr Biggs was apparently out to piss people off by not opening on time), we actually asked ourselves WHY we were going. But we were dressed to the nines and even though we only knew about 4 or 5 people there, and fuel is not only scarce but EXPENSIVE, we zoomed off.

I honestly FORGOT how HOT Babcock was. It took years to park, and none of us was really willing to go in till we did, cos it meant abandoning the air-conditioned confines of the car. Ironically, I only met 3 people I knew that were graduating, but a bunch of us from last year’s set, ‘Platinum Graduating Class of 2006’, thank you very much. Mostly Computer Science babes though. It was amazing how good they looked. You spend 4 years seeing someone dressed to the minimum, short hair, no jewelry, barely existent make-up, baggy skirts… and then you see them all working class a year later; it’s nice. *Sniff* We took so many pictures they practically threw us out of the School Guest Caf. I saw an old friend that still has a year to go; we used to have the best discussions…

But after a few hours, my top was sticking to my back, and my feet hurt from my heels, and we decided it was time to go.

After there, we took an hour’s break at my friend’s and headed off to VI for someone’s mum’s birthday. He was apparently in our class, but I honestly couldn’t remember his face. We were all there for the free food (I’m ashamed to admit). But it was GOOD free food. There were menus, and shockingly efficient waiters. There was meant to be an after party at VGC, but my groove hasn’t reached that level. All day long, the rain poured and poured. On our way out from THAT party, we had to cross the road. And it was flooded. It was torturous. VI needs to address their drainage issues, man. We took off our heels, rolled up our trews, and sloshed through very questionable, murky waters.

And then, on a whim, cos that always happens with my friends, we went salsa dancing. It was fun. I picked up a lot pretty quickly, from this guy, but then another guy attempted to teach me, and pissed me off. I got home around 9, vaguely thrilled. This month looks promising. I got a party next Friday and probably one this Friday. Yeah, go me. Oh, and I got my hair did. It was painful, expensive, but the compliments have been quite rewarding. Mwahaaha.

I’ve realized I’m young, my time with my friends is running out, and I just need to get out more. A friend depressed me again on Saturday, but that’s another entry for another day.



3 thoughts on “Hot Waves, Hot Food, Hot Sauce

  1. Wow, u drove all the way for a grad and only new 4 people,lol! Anyway you seem to have had a blast on sunday thats all that matters plus you luked good, nice1

  2. Lets see if this comment will go through. I’ve been trying to comment on this post since yesterday, without much luck…obviously

    *fingers crossed*

    Seems you had a blast last weekend (I had to toss the word ‘last’ in there as the next one is practically round the corner. I do pride myself on being late).

    Anywhooo, I really dig your blog. You remind me of me two years ago, crazy, crazy, crazy – I’m afriad nothing much has changed šŸ™‚

    Continue this way and I might be forced to add you to my blogroll.

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