The Endless Cycle

WARNING: The following text is the end result of too much free time.

But seriously, it’s all endless, isn’t it? This mess called life? We, as human beings are never in the right position to enjoy ourselves. Soem people might think they are, and they probably are, to a point. But just like the economy, it’s never at an optimal level. We’re either too old, or too young, or too busy.

And that just sucks.

You’re born, and everyone ever takes care of every single, silly need at the frown of a face. You get older, and you know how to walk and talk, and to a point, you’re still a mini-god. But you don’t know any better. The instant you DO begin to know better, no-one wants to help you out anymore. Ok, understandable. The first (and best) 20-something years of our lives are spent continuously locked up in some classroom, and when you’re not there, you can’t afford to enjoy yourself. Fine.

(*Imagine my voice slowly rising wih each full-stop to enjoy the full effect of this rant*)

Right, so you FINALLY get out of the classroom, and you get a job (which sadly means no more free holidays, unless of course, you’re UNEMPLOYED), so you can now afford to enjoy yourself. But you know what? You don’t have time. Or worse, you postpone the enjoyment till when you can afford to enjoy it more. Then, because we’re human, and subject to human needs and societal pressures, we go off and get married. So, technically, the grueling continues. Kids. Well, they’re a life-long investment, aren’t they? Not forgetting thte emotional and psychological torture of watching them grow up! Then FINALLY, we retire, we get that pension we’ve literally spent our life working for, but then we have to contend with things like AGING and IMPENDING DEATH!?

Frankly, I think it’s a little messed up. And annoying.

I admit it. I’m rather worried about my future. What if I don’t end up designing hot 3d animations like I’ve always dreamed? What if i have to MAKE DO? What if I never get to live in my “spinster flat”? Oh GOD, what if I succumb to pressure and marry some guy I can just barely manage? What if my kids HATE me??? What if I START AGING REALLY EARLY, AND I LOOK 60 WHEN I’M 45??

(*If I was talking to my friends, there’d probably be an awkward silence now*)

I’m sorry. I get moments of deranged panic just THINKING about it. But I think it’s healthy. I believe if you’re not too concerned about where you’re going, you’d be there for quite a while. Right? I’m not just a paranoid little girl that’s afraid to grow up???


3 thoughts on “The Endless Cycle

  1. Hello, followed the link on your Nairaland profile to your displayed blog. Gosh, I think you’re very creative especially with graphics. I won’t mind a few tips from a lady. I really am serious. Please contact me with because you don’t have your email displayed.
    I don’t have a blog, cos i really don’t know how it works. Thanks in anticipation. Cheers, Kemji

  2. Girl, quit fretting! yes, u may marry a guy and wonder why years later, yes ur kids WILL hate u at some point in their lives (but will get over it….or not), yes u may start ageing quickly!lol but it is the attitude in which u approach it. As for your 3D thingy, only u has a say in if it would come to passs or not. All you need for that is studying hard to be good at it and determination to be recognised!!

  3. Ahhh, life wonders and frustrations… love ‘em.

    I always find that hitting your head against the wall for a couple of hours in this regard helps a lot. Given you have a medical aid, of course.

    I think that’s why they have study further institutions actually. I think it’s the only time and place in ones life where you can party hard with your parent’s hard_earned_money (if you’re a creative liar, which I’m not!), without worrying about being illegal or being too responsible. This partying ways are only tolerable in your first year, because after that the government WILL threat to take away your scholarship, or the bank will reviews your study loan. Not that I’m talking from experience.

    And on to marriage…

    The safe gate would be to marry a rich man while you’re young and let him spoil you. As is life, there’s always a catch – you’ll probably be miserable.

    And of course, chances are that the guy you love will also work an 8-to-5 job. And will also struggle to make ends meat. So the two of you will make enough to get by, live a comfortable life, support your children, but that’s it – at least you’ll be happy, right?

    So in actual fact, no matter which way you go, you’re fugged!

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