Silly ole Vexation

Another odd morning for the books. My sister was being a retard last night and decided to blame me for it. She expected ME to remind HER to collect the key to our front gate from my dad. Which wouldn’t be an issue if she:

a. wasn’t always the first one in and the last one out of the house.
b. hasn’t been the one collecting that key every night for months.
c. wasn’t acting like a complete git.

I simply asked, ‘Should I have to tell you this?’ and she apparently got sulky and childish, and proceeded to not borrow me her ipod when I asked for it later. This morning, she said I had the effontry to ask her for something after ‘misyanning’. (*Eye Roll*) I told I wasn’t sorry, that she shouldn’t blame me for her lack of initiative, but I was sorry for asking her for her ipod, that I didn’t realise she was ‘sulking’.

Those words felt good cos I knew it hit home. Later on, on our way to work (after she wasted everyone’s time), she was mumbling that I stomped out without telling her where the key to the room was. So, as a final shot, I mumbled back, “Oh, am I supposed to be telling you that too?”

She’s older than me by 4 years, and some people won’t be the wiser. Sure, there’s always been the sibling rivalry and whatever, but she’s just become a royal pain since she started her job at some 2nd-tier bank like that. Has a very BAD mouth (a gift from my dad, my mum and I agree). She’s the only one in the whole world that thinks I’m rude (which is rather hypocritical if you hear her in daily conversational), and I know it’s because I tend to talk to her like she’s a child. Which I wouldn’t do if she didn’t ACT like a child. I think we’re just too much in each other’s face. Our during-the-week crib in Anthony is miniscule at best, and she’s lately become a … slob for lack of better words. Doesn’t take correction, ignores it most of the time, and generally pisses me off. There’s loads more I have to say, but no point hanging out dirty launry, is there?

Frankly I’ve had it.

2 thoughts on “Silly ole Vexation

  1. babe, well for me i have 5 elder ones and we get along, all o us so if yr sis is being a “child” then be the grown-up.

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