Thursday Morning Dramedy

Mulling over with: Old-New songs

Hmm, it’s been a bit. Or 2 days. Which in my books, theses days, refers to a while. I actually felt like writing about something yesterday, but the mood passed. As did the topic. I honestly couldn’t remember what I wanted to talk about.

Anyway, this morning I finished what’s slowly coming a daily routine: A breakfast of tea with some sandwich a la weird veggie surprise. It’s not even slightly filling, and it costs too much to buy loads of everyday, and I’m not a fan of cucumbers (or anything veggie-related, really), but I can say I’m eating ‘healthy’. Or not. Mayonnaise/salad cream isn’t healthy, is it? Ironic, really, cos I don’t like mayonnaise either…
It’s been a dull week at work, except for the daily compliments about my hair. From mostly guys. I’ve found that most guys love long hair (and this hair wins the touch-my-butt length award), even if its not yours. Or maybe it’s just the guys here. Or maybe I’m just so gorgeous. I’m okay with any of the theories.

The women on the other hand, well, only a handful have actually asked/commented about it. They seem to prefer giving me odd glances or dirty looks or commenting behind my back. I don’t know if it’s shyness or beef. But I actually like the dirty looks. It’s fun to get, especially when you’re dead sure that you didn’t do anything wrong. Women are strange like that. I admit it, I’ve done it a few times, hated on someone just cos they look SO GOOD. It’s just like, “DAMMIT, what have THEY got that I haven’t?’ It’s nice to be on the other end for a change.

Ventured to Insurance today cos I wanted to get my old-new songs from my former system. I only go there on the days I’m wearing flats, cos the truth is, it’s too short to go by bike, but too long to truly walk if ur wearing heels and a suit. On my way out, one of the security guys told me I wasn’t supposed to be using the front entrance with the revolving doors. I think I hid my incredulity well, behind my usual, award-winning smile.
Security: Excuse me, are you going to the vault?
Me: Huh?
Security: Well, in that case, you’re not supposed to be passing through the front.
Me: Huh?
Security: It’s only for customers.
Me: But where I’m going is IN the front, going through the back is long journey.
Security: Sorry, orders from the MD.
Awkward silence.
Me: Right. Noted. So can I pass now?
Security: Yeah, I’m just telling you just in case they harass you at the gate.

As if. They’re guys are they not? Always suckers. I think it’s foolish to banish ur staff to the back door, but that’s for another day.

Actually I wanted to go to my local government to sign my CD (Community development) card. THAT took forever. The woman was lamenting bitterly along with the other field officers about how people didn’t come on time to do their clearance, and how the NYSC secretariat was blaming them for the tardiness. It took about 20 minutes before I was answered, and then because government workers (and school authority figures) are just TOTALLY incapable of multi-tasking i.e. talking and writing at the same time, when she FINALLY did answer me, there were these 2-3 minute pauses between signatures. And I needed about 12 (I have been very unserious about it). She was being difficult, and refused to sign many spaces. Cow.

At insurance, as usual, only the guys seemed willing to comment about my hair. The one comment from a woman was, “Na wa for your hair o!”. Tart. Life Guy (who, let’s not forget last time I saw him) was being weird, and I mostly ignored him. He , however, didn’t let me succeed.
“Oh, you put on weight!” was his first, second and third line. Ah, I see he hasn’t lost his “tact”. As I was about to leave he tried to peck me, but I dodged quite smoothly; a skill honed by having several pervs as male friends :).

One thought on “Thursday Morning Dramedy

  1. Next time a group of girls are giving you dirty looks when you KNOW you look absolutely fab, walk up to them as if completely oblivious to what is going on and make a snotty comment like “Oh gawd, I’m so sick of all the compliments about my hair – I know it looks fab, but people really need to get over it already.”

    The reaction you’ll get out of them is priceless.

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