Africa & Celebrities

link –> spiked – Welcome to the People’s Republic of Bono * A Similar Article spiked – When Celebrities Rule the World

I liked these articles. It spoke my mind, in more ways than one. Why should some rock star be campaigning our cause more than us (because, believe it or NOT, there were actually AFRICAN leaders at the G8 summit)? More importantly, why should ANYONE be campaigning ANYTHING? As Africans, I’ve come to believe we are the victims of our own foolishness. There’s NOTHING stopping us form progressing but our greed, ignorance and absolute LAZINESS. People dying of hunger in some country? Maybe if the citizens would STOP fighting for power, they wouldn’t have that problem!
The only African countries that actually have actually progressed some are awash with white people! Are we, as blacks just doomed to self-destruction? Even the ones in other countries are usually trailed with issues. It’s sad, really. And not to sound negative, but I seriously never see Africa becoming like say, Asia. At least, not before the second coming of Jesus.

P.S. Words cannot even begin to describe my beef for Brangelina


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