Planes, Parties, Work and Stuff

Well, this was some sort of weekend. I got out of work Thursday still trying to figure out how I was going to go to my bash, make sure my father didn’t starve himself and still get home in time to get some sleep. He popped over to Ghana for some IT convention thingy, and thought it would be a good idea to take the keys to our Agbara crib with him.

Friday, after making my usual cameo at CD, I get over to Bu’s house so we could go see B off to Abuja at the airport. I recall stressing that we ought to leave on time cos we were meant to be there 11, 11.30. But as is always the Nigerian mentality (which includes not making provision for emergencies, and not believing in “the earlier the better”), I was put aside, and made to act like I was being ridiculous since the place is kinda near. So we left at 11. Before we could star the car, we realised (shock!) that there was barely enough fuel to get us to the mainland, talk of the airport. Alas, there’s fuel scarcity too! So after passing about 5 or 6 scary queues, we had to end up at Mobil in Maryland. This was 20 minutes to 12. B’s plane left at 1. I quietly mumbled, “this is why I said we should leave earlier…” Bu snapped that I was implying that i knew there’d be a queue. I said that I always leave early in case of EMERGENCIES.
We got to the airport at 12.20-something.

I haven’t been to an airport since I was 5 or 6. That makes twice now, and sadly, I wasn’t going anywhere both times. I also recall the airport being much nicer. We only had time for a 15 minute chat, and B had to go check in. We hung around a bit, waiting for B’s bf. Hadn’t seen him in a while. Also, some old, ugly dude hit on Bu and gave her his no. Eeurgh.

After, we popped over to some eatery near where I did my IT in ’05. I didn’t notice this until I saw 3 of my former colleagues from there.One of them asked why I bailed after just 2 days of work last summer. I told them I refused to be a victim of ‘bad blood’. The HR woman hated me (but now I think of it, stupid cow probably hated everyone), the Graphics guy had an inferiority complex with me and refused to let me join his dept, and frankly, the job I was given SUCKED. The company’s going to the dogs anyway, cos the MD left to head Microsoft Nigeria or something, and put the HR chick in charge. Oh the injustice.

I watched Shrek3 that night, but didn’t get to the last 7-10 minutes cos my sis came back (nuff said). My review looms.

I got a call Friday night that I had to come to work on Saturday. It was like a horror movie. Guess why.To research on our MD’s speech. It didn’t even click that that was what I was doing until afternoon, and I was VEXED. WTF??? I was there from 10 to 5. It was a stupid, unsearchable topic, and I acquired a headache from the biting cold in the office. I wanted go out, but it was too late.

The party was cool. And EXPENSIVE. It was at Saipan. Strict guest lists, masks (yea, we wore masks), all you can eat Chinese buffet, free BOOZE, and DJ Humility. Unfortunately, I realised that if guys had to choose between free alcohol and chicks, they’d die alone and drunk. They just sat there. They served the cakes with those sparkly, firework thingies. Very swank. We left at 11.30 however, cos we were the only ones we knew there beyond the birthday girl.

Sunday I went home early, and my dad had little to say about the fact that I stayed over at Bu’s place. At least I thought so till evening when he mumbled it to my mum. I’m not sure what he thinks I’m doing when I go to her place. But the man likes taking things upon himself anyway. I was also surprised to see that he was more capable of taking care of himself than he likes to show.

Had a dream about dying. Here it is in summary:
– dreamt I flew to L.A. ( i blame that bit on my airport trip)
– Paris Hilton and I (yeah, who’d have thunk it) went to a hot spot named Saipan … (see the pattern)
– the guy friend we saw at the airport and I were in a bus and it swerved and fell down a Looooong hill.
– I had an outer body experience where I watched myself dying and I became hysterical, but I ended up living.

Yeah, so I guess the weekend was okay. Not super-wonderful, and I didn’t meet any new people, but it beats sleeping.

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