2 Ways To NOT Start The Day

Didn’t start this morning too well, in fact, let’s just say it started from last night when my sister had one of many shout-fests. She pissed of my dad about something, and he chose to lecture BOTH of us about it. I wasn’t impressed, and I showed no sympathy for her plight when she was whining to me about it. I’m not even sure when it crossed over into an argument, with me expressing frustration with her attitude and her trying, and failing, to point out my own problem. At one point she just started making things up, then pulling a “I’m not going to indulge you” stance when I told her to prove it. *eye roll* I admit, on more than one occasion I told her that she could move out if she wanted. God knows she’d save a lot of us a lot of trouble.
And as usual, when I argue with someone (which is almost always HER, beyond which I’m not a very argumentative person) I spend about 5 or 10 minutes reflecting on the things I said, and why I couldn’t have said something meaner. It’s a very heat-of-the-moment kinda thing cos by the nest morning, I’m dead grateful I didn’t say THAT. I’m not a bitch. I don’t believe in saying unnecessarily hurtful things to people.

This morning, I wasn’t sure what the deal was with work considering that there’s an impending strike, but my ride said his office had given them the go-ahead to not come to work if they don’t want to. My dad told me the strike would commence on Wednesday, so I sent my ride a text about this, pleading that he should let me know if he was going to work so I could wake up earlier, and go by myself. But nooo….

11PM (the night before): My text – Dude, let me know if ur going to work tomorrow
2AM: I’ll go by 6.45, call me in the morning
6AM: Me– Dude, u up?
Him (obviously not really) – Yeah
Me– Take off time?
Him– 6.45
6.15AM: Him– hey, let’s make it 7-ish
Me– WHY?!?
Him– You know, the strike, I want to c how the roads are…
Me (not happy) – Dude it doesn’t start today. But FINE…
7.05AM: Me– Seriously man, my sister went to work 30 mins ago….
Him (sounding like I’m nagging) – Ok! Ok! I’m about to leave.
7.20AM: (after taking the time to do my make-up, the dishes and walk to our rendezvous point)
7.23AM: Me– What gives?
Him– Oh, I’m about to enter my car.
Me– Hurry up, I can see there’s traffic.
Him– I was told there wasn’t any.
Me– Right, then maybe I’m just hallucinating.
7.35AM: No show. I stomp off to take transport.
8.40AM: 1 overpriced bus and an extremely long bike ride later, get to work. LATE.

I didn’t get into trouble, but I’m very time conscious, and there’s nothing cute about walking into ur office 45 minutes after it resumes. Also, I was very ANGRY. I asked over and over again, and he prevented me from getting to work on time. I’m not trying to dictate what time he goes and comes, but courtesy demanded he inform the person he’s always carrying that he just didn’t want to go early. I’m a victim of being immobile. I found out that I had actually missed his call at 7.39, but what would have been the point?

But I’m better; I’ve had my morning sarnie, and read some cute mails with lil animal pics, this pic being my fave:
Cute,Rapturously Happy Kitty!

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