My GM just stopped by, and caressed my cheek. No problem, really, he does it to everyone. Except he’s (still) my GM.

Everyone in my office has been paid, but me.

I’m (still) broke.

I’m (still) single.

I (still) haven’t come up with a good idea for my website.

I’m (still) craving pizza and ice-cream.

I’ve (still) not lost any weight.

I’m just posting this cos I (still) haven’t satisfied my blogging ‘fix’.

I don’t really want to go home, and I don’t know why. Er, still.


3 thoughts on “Still.

  1. EUUUUURRGH! Rats are horrendous! Fumigate the whole house from top to bottom!! Don’t use mousetraps – I tried them a while ago, but these modern bloody animals are so clever, they know how to take the food without catching themselves in! Empty your house of people for a day and get the team in!!!

    I wish you luck! – And thanks for your comment on my blog. I should have returned the favour earlier but girl… I’ve been horrendously busy. I think I’ll add you to my blogroll so I can find your page more easily and check up on you more often.

    P.S I think your layout is hot.

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