There are RATS in Anthony Village. I hate bloody rats. I mean, I’d always seen them popping in and out of some random gutter, but they came a little too close too home this past week. I came home last night and my dad was asking about the tiny pieces of wood by the screen door for the kitchen. I said termites. He said rats. Upon reflection, I saw he was right, and almost entered the wall with horror. Upon entering our cubicle of a room, I kept seeing black flashes in the corner of my eye, but attributed it to either a speedy cockroach or my own paranoia. I glanced into my drawer to see something unusual.
There were tiny shreds of the newspaper I had used to line it on my top. Instead, of investigating (am i MAD?!?), I forced it shut and went on an improptu tidying spree.
That is of course, till my sister came back and told me she saw a huge rat come into the kitchen through a hole it had chewed in the net. Sho’nuff, it was there. As she made THAT comment, we saw the black flash again.
She said it was a mouse cos it was really tiny. I don’t care. I’ve seen too many bad things with rats to be flippant about it. It could be a baby rat. That would grow to be a huge rat… I’m getting the shivers.
She opened her own drawer, and lo, her own newspaper was in complete shreds. I was well and sufficiently irritated. At that point I swore that we were either going to clear out that room, or I was moving into the miniscule spare room.
I HATE RATS, man. I cannot communicate my IRRITATION. Back in Uni, we saw this monster, mutant rat. It jumped on this virtually nude girl in my room… we were screaming for ages, until it ran out and was slaughtered by an oddly violent friend with a mop stick. We were traumatised.
So, today, we’re buying rat poison. I’d rather just move out entirely. I never liked our Anthony crib ANYWAY.

2 thoughts on “Rats

  1. I wonder what that is supposed to mean, like only a married woman would dare refuse the advances of a not-so random guy?
    Boys sha..

  2. Hmm….this comment was meant for the blog about a freaky trying to get your number for the Umptenth time.

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