Finish the Sentence

i got this meme form pink-satin’s page

Finish This Sentence

I am…: irritated with the abject laziness of some of my colleagues

My ex-boyfriend was…: er…

Maybe I should….: go back to traditional painting!
I love….: brainstorming with Photoshop
I don’t understand…..why scary guys keep approaching me.
I lost my….: ipod some months ago, and it still hurts

My current boyfriend is….: not here yet
People say I’m…: sarcastic, funny & weird
Love is….: patience, perseverance and compatibility
Somewhere, someone is….: thinking about me 🙂
I will always…: crave art and music
Forever is….: a friggin long time
I never want to…: look back in regret
I think the current President is….: more shifty than we think

When I wake up in the morning, I….: lie for a while and reflect
Life is full of…: surprises
My past is incredibly…: dramatic
I get annoyed when…: people brag. We get it already!
Parties are for…: having fun…?
I wish…: i had a new laptop and my own flat!
Tommorrow I’m going to…: see Oceans 13! Hopefully
I really want some….: TLC
I have low tolerance for people who….: are arrogant and condescending
If I had a million dollars…: do EVERYTHING ever!


One thought on “Finish the Sentence

  1. Hi there, its a small world. nice lines though. am a graphic artist too. but not WIERD actually but i dont see reason why i need to take a bath every morning. My ex-girlfriend neva minded. Nice meeting u. cute BLACK blog too. cheers er…its if u care

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