A Cold Friday Out

So, I’m cold. Friggin cold. I almost slept well last night, but I saw the rat around 1, and it ruined my night. Only got about 31/2 hours sleep in total.

This week it’s been raining like a … I don’t even know what to compare it with. Everyday, specifically, around 5, it starts raining like crazy. Which is made even more annoying by the fact that D wasn’t available and I had to get to work myself.

Today, he called at 6.40 am and said for some reason he won’t be driving today. I was speechless. He said I could follow him and his dad. No problem I guess. My own dad was going on about everything, and I just wanted to… well, hurt him.

I ran out in the rain, thinking it was just a drizzle, until I realised that I hadn’t gotten to the end of my street and I looked like I was competing for a wet t-shirt competition – as D would say, anyway. I was wearing my NYSC uniform. So just imagine that. My boots gobbled water and soaked my feet through my socks. D kept me on a fake cruise for another 20 minutes in that bloody rain. I kept trying to share umbrellas, but the people had their own buses to catch.

I suppose it’s time to get an umbrella. Or a car. Everyday, it seems to be becoming more obvious that I need one. Or both.

I’ve been cold ever since. A deep ingrained cold that’s haunting me. I came back to the office around two, for the end of training (waste of my time except for the free lunch). There’s some party at Bacchus that I was invited to, but the traffic is ridiculous these days. I just want to go home and back under my covers. Or maybe my dad’s covers ( Rat or “That Little Bastard” as my sister christened it, is still around our room somewhere). Under the covers drinking hot Milo and watching Heroes. Mmm.


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