The Morning After

Had a great weekend. That’s just the best way to describe it. Well, not counting the fact that it started off with me getting drenched by the rain (check previous post), and somehow being convinced to buy a 3k top off-the-cuff, it ended up rocking. Saturday we had this 1st bday bash for a former classmate. I had actually planed to get out before the party but I’d stayed up till 3 or so watching Heroes, again. I’m so loving that show right now. But anyway,I was dead tired, and we still had to clear out our room, cos of Rat. Pushing away the bed showed that my sister was 99% responsible for the depressing junk we found. Yet she chose to not be too helpful. I tried to avoid an argument cos we seem to be on better, but fragile terms these days, mostly cos of our mutual aversion to rodents.

The party, I ended up following D, cos we lived close by and it made more sense. He came 30 minutes late, and we got stuck in an unusual and annoying amount of traffic, not to mention that we partly got lost. We got 2.45 , a whole 2hrs 45 minutes late, and the guest list still wasn’t up to 15. It was the rain. It took a while to take off, but meanwhile we hung out with B, her bf and K. All of a sudden, around 5, people came swarming in. It was a predominantly Babcock Uni/Computer Dept affair. The DJ was absolute rubbish, however, and it took a lot of complaints before he started playing good stuff. I, was on a personal mission to see how much Gordons Spark I could take before I felt funny. It didn’t take long. By the half way mark of the second one I began to feel sleepy. Go figure. The sleepiness quickly became a strange dizziness/restlessness, and I proceeded to dance non-stop for the next 2 hours. I actually would have liked to experiment with a third bottle, but God probably knew better. The drink finished.

K, mid-dance, proclaimed to me that he was on his sixth big bottle of Heiny. I thought it was funny. It was fun.B had left around 6, but was parked in, and came back for some more. My thighs burned but I didn’t sit down. An old classmate who I used to harass just stood in one corner, watching me grind and wind in amused disbelief. I frankly didn’t give a toss. I hadn’t gotten my groove on in over a year.

Of course, as is always the issue at such events I jammed an admirer who tried to chat me up. But I was still restless and wanted to get back on the floor. He then proceeded to say he was failing in love with me, and I was like NO, man, that was a BAD line. I lied that I was with someone (why doesn’t this EVER work?), and to counter that he thought it would be a good idea to say, ‘U are going to fall in love with me’. RIGHT. I somehow escaped him, and B and D said they would have rescued me, but thought I didn’t need it. Friends.

We all started trickling out about 8.30, some people to go on drinking, me and D to go sleep. Another guy I’ve know for a couple of years now, confessed that he’d had a crush on me for the past 2 years. I knew it. I blame it all on the drink.

We actually got lost in Anthony. Dunno how, but D just proceeded to follow the car in his front til we got to familiar terf. B called me later to ask if I was still hyper. I wasn’t. I was BEAT. But like I told her, i needed that.

I’m paying for it now, though. I actually found the energy to go back to agbara and loosen my hair. I’m so tired man. But I think June was generally a good month. I need more like it.

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