8 Random Facts

Ok, apparently I got tagged by Merja to do this. It’s gonna be an issue finding other people to tag however cos I don’t  have that many  blogger allies. Sad. Because of this, then, I’m going to just INGORE the rules.

Eight random facts about me that you don’t know?!? Let’s see now…


  1. I have a crush on Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy.
  2. I like the smell of burnt onions…
  3. I practice moves in front of the mirror. Daily.
  4. In my past life I was probably a super-hero chick with water-related powers that could fly.
  5. I hate mint, tomatoes, onions, pepper, & all vegetables.
  6. I talk to myself. all the time. As in, one-on-one conversations.
  7. I make a mean plate of spaghetti
  8. I get homicidal tendencies off-the-cuff.

8 thoughts on “8 Random Facts

  1. Girl you are wierd oh! Yepa! As per the homicidal tendencies, please don’t act upon them ok? Thanks for stopping by my space!

  2. tanx for stopping by girl…
    Pete Wentz..i guess u know u are sharing him with millions of other girls..righ?lol

  3. this babe, you funny oh, u like the smell of burnt onions yet you do not like onions, about the homocidal tendencies, i hope you are just kidding oh….

    and about the dam rats, mehn, i read they can produce like a million babies mehn in just a few months oh,,,, yuk…

    nice blog you gat

  4. did u design ur page urslf..if u did its really good..i am impressed.

    i love pete wentz too…oh yeah and i tlk to myself too..all the time..i tlk to objects too.

  5. @ all
    hey, I’m weird, I understand! I mean, burnt onions!
    @ anu boy & exschoolnerd
    (*takes a bow*)thank you, thank you, it took ages to get up, and now I’m bored with the silly layout already. look out for version3.0!

    Pete wentz is kinda cute right? Despite the fact he wears more make-up than me!!!

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