Fantastic Four: Rise Of the Silver Surfer

So, it’s a bit late, I know. My schedule’s been of the chain lately,and I haven’t had the time to watch anything. But I was hell-bent and last night D and I defied all the odds (including the crazy mad fluke traffic after work and our poor timing) and went to go to see it. To be honest i really wanted to see Ocean’s 1, but it was too late at night.

Anyway, here’s a quickie verdict. It was just there. Not great, not FANTASTIC, just there. I became shockingly aware of some of the really bad acting by Jessica Alba and the husband whose name I do not know and can’t be bothered to Google. There really wasn’t that much of a story line, and Silver Surfer, for all of his glossy , metallic glory, was a bit unenthusiastic.

As is the case these days with all these action/superhero movies, it seems the director was more concerned in the special effects and awe-striking trickery than anything else. Cos I can’t fault the effects. Especially when the human torch and SS were getting it on. Oh, and when he was fighting Von Doom.

Which brings me to another issue. Doom was acting like he didn’t want to be in the movie, and spent most of the time standing in the background, wearing black and looking sinister. His end was tres anti climatic, so much so that I didn’t know I had seen the last of him, till I never saw him again.

But, bless, Johnny was there to provide comic relief (and eye candy), and one of his best lines was when he made fun of Ben and his girlfriend just before the wedding. I won’t spoil it and tell you, but it involved the word ‘rockslide’. Another good scene was when he stepped out of the shower… for oh-so-many reasons…:)

Anyway, it was alright, but I wish I really had just waited to watch it on DVD, and channeled my cash towards something more inspiring, like hopefully Ocean’s 13. I don’t know about Transformers. I’m already funny things about it, but we’ll see.

Rating: 6/10


4 thoughts on “Fantastic Four: Rise Of the Silver Surfer

  1. chineke nnam ehh.. are we safe?!?! lmao@ur one on one conversations with urself… chai and you’re an aquarius like myself.. now ppl are gonna think i’m weird too… lol… love me some pasta and falloutboy.. rock on mami…

  2. You like the smell of burnt onions?!I like the smell of fried onions,there is this guy that sells hotdogs at the town center and he is always frying onions,i think it’s part of his marketing strategy.hmm..

  3. I know, I don’t understand it. I think that’s what I meant. Frying onions. Whatever though, I wont eat it ether way!

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