Once Upon A Fling

It could be considered a compliment. If I was, you know, desperate or something.

An old flame recently re-offered himself to me and it got me thinking. I admit I saw it coming… He at least had the decency to lay out a week long preamble before trying. It was once faintly tempting ( I am human after all), but…looking at it from a moral and historical background… No. Unfortunately it’s an offer I’ve had one time too many. I could probably go all sentimental but I KNOW there’s nothing wrong me – unless being a  young, moderately attractive talent is a problem – so I’m not even gonna go there.

And it made me wonder. Another old flame who I stopped hanging out with because of the whole fling foolishness, came back towards our graduation and asked AGAIN. He tried to hide it under the guise of “Oh, it’s our last time together, let’s give this relationship another shot.” Right. The guy was a pathological liar, and I didn’t believe him for a second. It was amusing however, to watch him attempt to corner me in abandoned corridors with those lines. Finally, bored, I gave him the boot.

I’ve also started up conversations with guys, who try to ask me casually (and fail) what I feel about it.

Contrary to any impression I might be or have been giving, let me say, NO, I don’t do flings. They’re a waste of my emotional energy, and for those with actual partners, it’s just wrong. I am not the OTHER woman. All y’all should get off my case.

Unless you’re Justin Timberlake. Or Craig David. Or Chris Evans. In which case I’d do just about anything. 🙂 (*Call me*)


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